'What's this show called?' UK question for US dopers

Just watched ‘J & SB Strike Back’ and the security guard at Mirimax studios was played by Dietrich Bader.
I recognised him from a spoof cop show that aired here 10-15 years ago (?) where he was a tough cop breaking all the rules…
They showed maybe 6 episodes at 11.30pm then 1.00 am etc before pulling it. I laughed. Can’ recall the title.
Was this show a hit in the US? I assume from the cameo in this movie that he’s well known there - is that because of this show or something else.

Laughed for 10 minutes at ‘He loves the cock!’

Hes in the cast of “The Drew Carey Show”. Never saw him in another show, nice to know he can find other work.

Diedrich Bader

He was great (and almost unrecognizable) as Peter’s sort of redneck neighbor in Office Space.

Just scrolling through IMDb the closest I can come up with is Danger Theatre. It has someone cast as a detective. I assume this is it. Never heard of it myself.

Looks like I’m wrong - so, spoof US 1/2 hour cop shows where the hero is a badass who just needs 24 hours to show the Capt that blah blah…

NOT the guy who loked like Clint Eastwood and his show was called ‘Wesson’ or ‘Sledgehammer’ or ‘Pumpaction’ or something such as that


I can repay in XTC trivia!

Sledge Hammer

The only spoof cop TV shows I can think of are “Sledge Hammer” and “Police Squad!” There were only 6 episodes of “Police Squad!” made.

(and lay on the XTC trivia…)

Was it “The Searcher” which was part of Danger Theatre?