What's Trump's October Surprise?

If it weren’t for double standards, Trump-fans would have no standards at all.

It doesn’t matter how full-on paranoid Trump goes. Mitch McConnell and the Cabinet are all-in on Trump, it would seem.

I’m one of those who hoped for months that the major donors would cry ‘enough’ to Mitch, and he’d then get the ball rolling on the 25th, issuing instructions to the Cabinet, as he is able to do because of his level of power. But this late, this close to November 3, I don’t see it happening. The GOP won’t want the chaos that would cause.

So Donald can come out with his underpants on his head tonight, and no Republican will utter a word about the 25th.

Republican senators, including Moscow Mitch, are starting to notice the writing on the wall.

I think that’s right.

However, I’d be shocked if they made any attempt to remove him–even through bribery, by urging him to “retire due to family health issues” or such–before November 3. It would create an uproar; if they thought such an uproar would help win Senate and House seats, they might go for it. But that seems unlikely.

Too little too late, but some folks are at least admitting they are smelling the coffee now:

It’s a thought that has occurred to many, I suspect.

Ben Sasse doesn’t have the courage to say any such thing on-camera. He wants to play it both ways.

A pox on these cowardly collaborators.

The Hunter Biden story was completely ignored by Trump at his town hall tonight. Not a single mention. And after all that work by Rudes!

Again, a complete non-story.

What, Trump’s town hall is over already? It’s only 18:40 (PDT) here. What time did it start? How long did it run? Did Trump run out of steam and keel over in mid-sentence?

Nope, he got through the hour. Problem is the Biden townhall went two hours and DJT only went for an hour. Most of it arguing with the moderator. And being clearly annoyed with some of the questions the plebes had the nerve to ask.

Tactful. :wink:

OK, so if he votes not to confirm Amy, then i will say he has some spine and ethics.

You meant “LIES,” right? It’s too late in the game for euphemisms. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I mean that they’re the direct opposite of the truth - there are usually lies in political campaigns, but they’re also ‘true, from a certain point of view’ or vague enough to warrant an eye roll but not much more. “Trump is protecting pre-existing conditions” is the direct opposite of what he’s actually doing, it’s not a vague statement like “Trump is improving healthcare for all”.

White House was warned Giuliani was target of Russian intelligence operation to feed misinformation to Trump

Trump had “shrugged his shoulders” at O’Brien’s warning, the former official said, and dismissed concern about his lawyer’s activities by saying, “That’s Rudy.”

President Donald Trump on Tuesday called on Attorney General William Barr to take action before Election Day against his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, over his son’s foreign work, an extraordinary attempt to pressure the government’s chief law enforcement to help him politically.

The president made the remark during an interview with “Fox & Friends,” after days of caustic criticism of Biden, the moderators of the presidential debates, the news media and, increasingly, Barr. He recently said the attorney general would go down in history “as a very sad, sad situation” if he did not indict Democrats like Biden and former President Barack Obama.

“We’ve got to get the attorney general to act,” Trump said Tuesday when asked whether he wants to see investigations into unverified information about Biden and his son Hunter that the president’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, claims he recently obtained. …

Trump called on Barr to appoint a special prosecutor or similar official, saying: “He’s got to act. And he’s got to act fast.”

“This is major corruption, and this has to be known about before the election. And, by the way, we’re doing very well. We’re going to win the election.”

Voters across Brevard County Tuesday afternoon received threatening emails purporting to come from the Proud Boys, a far-right group that espouses militant authoritarian ideology, telling them to vote for President Trump, or else.

The emails appear to follow a similar format, and come from the email address “info@officialproudboys.com.”

“Hi (name) We are in possession of all your information You are currently registered as a Democrat and we know this because we have gained access into the entire voting infrastructure. You will vote for Trump on Election Day or we will come after you. Change your party affiliation to Republican to let us know you received our message and will comply. We will know which candidate you voted for. I would take this seriously if I were you. (Voter’s address),” it read.

The "October Surprise " will happen just before Halloween and will be the horror-show of Drumpf, heavily over-medicated on his lethal combo of Adderall & Steroids & infant-stem-cell derived COVID treatments, exposing his stubby mushroom on national television during a presser exclaiming “I’m bigger than alla you!!!” before being forcibly subdued and dragged away from the podium by Secret Service agents. Keighleigh McIneighneigghhh goes on Fox the next day to complain about “leftist members of the secret service who didnt allow our president to express his magnificent manhood,” and the next day a brigade of Proud Boys & 3%ers all march with their dinkuses out and all the closeted child-molesters in QAnon all expose their well-grabbed schvankmeisters in public solidarity.
Wait for it. It’s coming.

But who has to wipe it up?

It’s pretty sad that this doesn’t have the nation up in arms. Trump has so flooded the public arena with bullshit that this hardly gets mentioned.

After watching Trump over the last few days and hearing about his hissy fit concerning the 60 minutes interview with Leslie Stahl, it seems that Trump’s October surprise will be a spot on, perfect Kanye West impersonation.

It doesn’t seem to matter that West was unable to be on the ballot in all those states, his message and personality seem to be well represented by the Republican candidate in this election.

I gotta say, I think I’m going to watch 60 Minutes this Sunday for the time in 30 years, and I thank Donald Trump for drawing my attention (and millions of others) to his performance well in advance.