What's up Lou Dobbs' ass?

Lou Dobbs did a series of special reports on the issue of globalization, no, sorry, the issue of “out-sourcing of American jobs”. I thought he was going to look at the issue from all angles. He did bring in people from over the entire spectrum to talk on the show. But, his ass-clenched stubbornness and monomania in an issue as serious and complex as this is getting to me.

Aren’t these jobs on the backs of the American workers? Aren’t these jobs on the backs of the American workers? Aren’t these jobs on the backs of the American workers? Aren’t these jobs on the backs of the American workers? Aren’t these jobs on the backs of the American workers? Aren’t these jobs on the backs of the American workers?

It is not as cut-and-dry as you think, Lou. I understand the frustration of many a worker in this country but one must also accept that there are benefits to the US economy. When anyone who comes on the show starts to explain that the American consumer benefits from lower prices, the American corporations benefit from cost-cutting which ultimately helps the equity portfolios of numerous middle-class Americans, that the US economy “saves” money in an overall sense, he refuses to listen. His stock response is : “But, where’s the benefit? I don’t see it… Americans are losing jobs” Well, how about the fact that we were in a serious recession?!?

OK, I concede there is merit to his one-dimensional argument. Over the short-term, it is not going to be easy to see how the US economy benefits. I am pitting him because I think he is being deliberately obtuse and is indulging in jingoism for whatever reasons. I claim this because no matter what points the proponents of out-sourcing put forward, he smirks at the ideas and goes back to the “losing of American jobs”. Smoothly done like a demagogue.

And, let us look at the other special reports in his show…

America gives so much aid, what does it get in return?

What are the fall-outs of immigration?

“America, a crowded nation” - the overpopulation and its effects on American culture

etc etc etc

This monomania is not only intellectually vacuous but is harmful as it fosters social and economic fears.

And the funny thing is that Lou Dobbs is CNN’s idea of a conservative. :smiley:

My own personal experience with outsourcing and how it did not provide a benefit to my economy.

For years Dell laptops were my only choice so when the time arrived I ordered another. Now, in the old days if a problem occurred with a Dell product I’d place one call and customer care was on it like a hobo on a hotdog…had to love those folks back then.

I had a simple problem, they shipped a wireless PCMCIA card rather than the modem shown on the order and packing list.

Dell lost a customer that day. Not because my simple wrong component call was answered offshore or the company was unable or unwilling to respond, but because it took 4 departments and 7 phone calls, as well as several hours of my time for Dell’s new and improved customer care to resolve the issue. One department to identify the problem (that was a chore), a second to order the new part, a third to arrange for the return of the wrong part. Oh, and I had to call the leasing department to let them know there was no longer a modem on their order because I “had to buy” the replacement. It was a nightmare!!!

By going offshore Dell may lower costs and return a greater dividend to it’s stockholders but in this case it did so by shifting a good deal of the customer care burden to my shoulders. That day I decided to support my local economy by returning the laptop and purchasing one from a local company.

Although there are benefits to outsourcing Dell screwed the pooch on this one!!

Dobbs content:
Had he been armed with examples of outsourcing gone bad rather that sounding like a broken record his show may have left a different impression.

You could make that thread title into a game show:

“Were you unable to win Ben Stein’s money? Well, maybe you can guess…WHAT’S! UP! LOU! DOBBS’! ASS!”

First off, how does a purchase of a Dell PC not support the local economy?

Secondly, if Dell realizes that it is losing customers as a result of outsourcing, they will re-evaluate the financial viability of the move. The quality of outsourcing work in any case has little to do with the philosophy of outsourcing.

I see what you mean but what do you call “they-will-invade-and-destroy-our-culture” Buchanans? Liberal or Conservative?

Depends upon your definition of local but 1440 miles closer fit’s my definition nicely. Granted, sales and district taxes would have been paid and a miniscule slice of corporate federal income tax would eventually find its way to Ca., but, supporting a small business in my town of residence serves to support our local economy more directly.

Only that they may be debated separately. To implement the latter without consideration of the former would be folly. I am sure MD thought he was cutting costs while at the same time improving service but it didn’t work out that way for me.

“Soul of Dell”

[hijack] Anyone else get the vibe that Win Ben Stein’s Money was somewhat staged? [/hijack]
And, lostronin, yes, poor customer service is folly for the company, which I am confident will take care of itself. As you said, the quality of outsourcing is another debate altogether.

Today, I caught the viewers’ e-mails on Lou Dobbs. All of them were “Lou, you fight for the regular worker guy” stuff. It looks like the only solution acceptable to Lou and his ilk is to ban any form of outsourcing.

No, the funny thing is that Lou Dobb’s is much more suited to FAUXNews, where his ideological bent would slide in right next to Tony Snow’s, Brit Humes and O’Reilly’s quite nicely.