What's up with BitTorrent?

I’m curious as to what’s going on with the BitTorrent company? I checked their website, and it looks like they haven’t had a new press release posted since September 2008. That’s almost 20 months which seems odd for a company like this. I also did some Google searches, but all I can find are articles about copyright infringement suits against BitTorrent hosters. Anyway know what’s going on with the company itself? Thanks for your help.

Their blog suggests that they are still around and growing.

Thanks. That helps a lot.

Article on ArsTechnica-Only 0.3% of files on BitTorrent confirmed to be legal

I wish my favorite Bittorrent client Azureus/Vuze would add the Streamtorrent protocol, if only to get a Streamtorrent client on all platforms.

Of course, the methodology (and thus results) is suspected to be (very) flawed.