What's up with Jeebus

First time I heared that was on the Simpsons, so I thought it’s just one of Homer’s invented words. Then I heared it on"The family guy show…and now I do a google search on Jeebus that returns 11,400 sites…but they don’t seem to reveal any information whatsoever, only Jeebus lobster and Jeebus world of crap and Jeebus candles…(I also did a SDMB search and it didn’t return anything interesting either)

So, what’s the straight dope on Jeebus.

As a side note, Jeebus would make an awsome username…

Originally Jebus, I think. A parody


In Paul Theroux’s novel The Mosquito Coast, the antihero’s antagonist was a very annoying preacher. The preacher was always intoning “Jee-DOOF!” In the Mosquito Coast movie starring Harrison Ford, there was that preacher, sure enough going:“Jee-DOOF!” in church. In the movie they actually showed it spelled out like that on the wall. Any Paul Theroux fans here?

I’m not sure why Theroux used such a distorted form of the name, unless it was that he wanted to lampoon annoying preachers without actually blaspheming the Savior.

ok, guys, this doesn’t really awnser my question, so I’ll just bump this one time, if it falls again…I’ll just try to find out somewhere else…
so…what I’m searching for is “what’s the origin of Jeebus” and does it have anything to do with Jesus, who popularized it…etc…stuff like that I need to know.


In the Old Testaments, the Jebusites were subjected to lots of smiting. I suppose they were the descendants of Jebus.

ok, got it…

I searched for jebusites and found out that Jebus is actually the former name of what is now Jerusalem…(or should it be Jebusalem, hehe…)

The Simpson’s trivia calendar for Nov 30/Dec 1 has the spelling “Jebus”. Just FYI.

I’d always thought “Jebus” was a racist pronunciation of “Jesus”. Think back to late-1920s/early-1930s films featuring stereotypical Black characters, and the way those characters talked. Or think about how Our Gang’s/Little Rascals’s “Stymie” talked.

Either that, or it’s the way a “slack-jawed yokel” would pronounce it.