What's up with my Mouse or maybe...

I have a problem that props up almost daily with my computer. I do a ton of copying and pasting as part of my work. I usually do this by right clicking the mouse. After some indeterminent (lets say a hundred) mumber of times pasting, it stops working. I can still copy, but then have to CTRL-V to paste. If I reboot the problem is solved until I hit the magic number again. I have a feeling that this isn’t a mouse problem but some kind of memory or software problem, but what the hell do I know.

Anybody have any ideal what’s going on?

The newer versions of Office products no longer have a single “slot” for copying and pasting, but rather store all the things you have copied. Go under Edit - Office Clipboard. It is possible that it has a limit.

My guess would seem to be appropriate considering your need to use Ctrl-V and something I found int he help file"

Thanks flight. I went to “edit” and “clear all” and the paste function works again.