What's up with the "Swedistan" meme?

I’ve encountered this on a few discussion boards and it seems to pop up a bit through links here as well, and I’m curious where it comes from and why it seems so popular.

Basically the idea seems to be that Sweden, a formerly well-functioning society, has now been “over run” or “invaded” by muslim immigrants who have turned the country into a rape-and-murder festival.

It seems to be propagated mostly by non-Swedish people, and when I or other Swedes intervene, we are invariable accused of being part of some sort of conspiracy or simply being “muslim lovers” who apparently enjoy being murdered, seeing our country be torn to pieces and having our women raped by this horrible people.

When asked for cites it always turns out to be either a Swedish neo-nazi (or smilar) source, or some American anti-muslim source that usually gets its info from the aforementioned Swedish sites.

So why is this happening and is there a point to it? Also, why Sweden? The murder rate here is among the lowest in the world and except for one poor idiot blowing himself up 5 years ago in what must be one of the most failed terrorist attacks ever, we don’t have any problems with terrorists either. So… what’s going on here?

Y’all’s neo-nazis sites are good at search engine optimization?

The far right generally believes that immigration, multiculturalism, Islam, black people, etc. are harmful for society. Sweden is by far the Western country most welcoming to all of these things. As such, right wingers expect Sweden to collapse imminently, and eagerly look for signs that Sweden is about to fall apart.

Consequently, we believe that Sweden is turning into Swedistan, replete with terrorism, no go zones, rampant rape, and other undesirable things.

Wei not trei a holiday in Swedistanne this yere?

Look, America is the greatest country in the world, right? And therefore all other countries are dystopian hellscapes, of one kind or another.

When we look at third world countries it’s easy to see why America is better. But when we look at developed countries like over in Europe, the reason why they’re hellholes is harder to see. So they must be on the verge of collapse, either by socialist governments and welfare states, or on the verge of being taken over by Muslim immigrants, or collapsing demographically, or whatever. And “they” must be keeping all this secret, because we never hear about this kind of thing in the Mainstream Media.

And unless we act now to stop the socialists and Muslims and secularists, we’re next, and our God-Blessed American Utopia will be gone, and we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves, and the fags, and the hippies, and the communists, and the Mexicans, and the Chinese, and the atheists, and the blacks, and the elitists, and the egghead professors, and the Jews.

I imagine you guys are eagerly looking for signs. The longer Sweden continues on without the disasters you predicted would happen, the more foolish your prediction looks.

To me there seem to be certain problems with this meme. Just to mention a few…

  1. It’s so incredibly easy to debunk. All statistics, both local and international, show that Sweden simply does not have a high crime rate. The murder rate in Sweden for example is 0.7 compared to the US with 4.7 or Canada with 1.6 this is obviously very low. If Sweden is being over run with murderers, why is the murder rate less than half that of Canada and just a fraction of the US?

  2. If Sweden is being invaded or whatever by violent rapists, why isn’t the Swedish free press reporting it? Why aren’t Swedish citizens reacting? Doesn’t it seem weird that people on the other side of the world is freaking out about this and at the same time people who actually live in Sweden are cool with it? Shouldn’t that be a hint? Or did the sneaky (but obviously completely uneducated and ignorant) murder-rapists somehow managing to… I don’t know, hypnotize us or use some voodoo magic so that we don’t notice what is going on?

  3. The only way to get the information is to visit sites that are… you know… nazis. Now even for the very far right in the US it would seem that associating with… you know…nazis, would not seem palatable. Usually when I see nazi references in the US from the right, it’s used as a very derogatory term, so how come these guys are now considered a reliable source of information?

  4. Who the fuck cares about Sweden? We’re a tiny, weird country in the northern outskirt of Europe with a very small population. Why not pick… you know… France or something. Picking one of the most peaceful and non-violent countries in the world and trying to paint them as a seething pit of hellfire, rape and murder just seems really stupid.

If none of these things happen in Sweden, will you consider changing your views?


But from what I understand it’s not just a belief that this will happen but statements that this has already happened. Anyone is free to conjure up whatever vision of the future they want, and you can argue whether it is likely or not, but we should be able to agree on the present.

The meme says that murder and rape is now rampant in Sweden, but the statistics say that Sweden murder rate is way, way lower than almost all other countries in the world.

The rape statistic is actually extremely high in Sweden, but that is because we have a completely different way of counting. If a woman reports that she’s been raped by her partner for two years that will result in hundreds of rape cases being reported rather than just one. We also have a very broad definition of rape since 2005 (I think) and have a national consensus and campaigns encouraging women to report it.

It’s been all over. At one time, they spoke of Londonistan (and some may still do so), and there was that so-called expert on Fox News claiming Birmingham (our one, not the one in Alabama) was a no-go zone for the police.

There are nutters everywhere.

The last line was satirizing what liberals believe conservatives believe about Sweden. I understand that Sweden’s rape statistics are inflated due to their special snowflake method of measurement and that no-go zones don’t really exist. Nonetheless, I do expect quality of life in Sweden to begin decreasing. If it doesn’t, I’d be willing to revise my opinion of multiculturalism.

  1. Sweden’s rape statistics, on the other hand, are extremely high per-capita. And events like Rotterham do not inspire confidence that the police are accurately recording immigrant crimes. Sweden has both more political correctness and more Muslim immigrants than did Britain, so right-wingers assume that Sweden has problems comparable or worse than Rotterham.

  2. The conventional opinion is that the Swedish people are delusional altruists who are too nice to not give away their country and their daughters to foreigners. Furthermore, Sweden really does suppress anti-muslim speech to a greater extent via legal methods than do countries like the USA.

  3. This isn’t true. Mainstream conservative organizations that are firmly within the Overton window have called Sweden the “Rape Capital of the West”. Moreover, the Swedish Democrats now have over 20% of the vote, making them Sweden’s largest political party. And the SD haven’t included Nazis in their ranks for over twenty years. Calling them nazis is disingenuous at best.

  4. That’s exactly it. Sweden is small and unimportant, so it makes an excellent test case for whether mass Muslim immigration can work. If Sweden fails, the loss isn’t particularly crippling to the West, but provides us with useful immigration on immigration. As such, right-wingers would rather watch Sweden fall than fight to preserve it, so that we can better convince people to defend our own nations.

In American popular culture since (at least) the 1960s, Sweden has always been held up as the epitome of sexual freedom, progressive socialism, government insured medicine, and similar social views. Folks on the Far Left have treated this as something of a not-quite-valid stereotype, but one that carried enough factoids to allow for jokes and occasional appeals that we should emulate Sweden. People on the Far Right have, of course, reacted with outrage, condemning Sweden, holding it up as a the example of all that is wrong with “liberal” ideas, and claiming that the Swedish society is on the brink of collapse. (It is on a par with stupid claims that Brits and French are unfriendly, French and Italians are cowards, Germans are regimented and take orders too easily, Poles are dumb, etc. I am sure that we could find one or two European stereotypes of Americans that are as widely held with as little substance.)

Once the Soviet Union collapsed and society needed a new boogeyman, Islam was an easy stand in for that role. Several events in Sweden, some real, some over-blown, some imaginary, have provided idiots on the Far Right with the sort of stories they needed, overlaid upon the existing stereotypes, to point to their favored doomsday scenarious, combining “evil” Islam with “stupid, liberal” Swedish society.

While I’m generally sympathetic to your viewpoint here, it’s worth remembering that there are crimes other than murder and rape.

You white supremacists are such kidders!

See guys? They scrubbed out their Nazis all the way back in the ancient history of the 1990s! How many years does a political party need to be Nazi-free for you to forget about it?

How do you figure?

Well, first of all, anyone who holds this opinion is quite obviously an idiot, and idiocy isn’t really an “opinion.”

Secondly, is this actually a common or “conventional” opinion? My guess is that most people outside Sweden hold few opinions about Sweden at all.

It is worth noting that one of the main reasons Swedish rape arrests and convictions have gone up in recent years is simply that Sweden expanded the legal definition of what constitutes rape, so you’d expect that to happen. Sweden also reports crime on the basis of the number of crimes reported and investigated, and it isn’t retroactively changed if, say, the report turns out to be wrong or the suspect is not convicted. That is a different reporting methodology than most places. (This also leads to other statistical idiosynchracies; a crime that takes place in 2011 but is reported in 2013 is counted as having happened in 2013, for example.)

Didn’t you know there were Muslim-controlled no-go zones in the heart of Paris ?!1! S’truth.

Well, true in that racist shitheads rarely set foot there, presumably for fear of catching the Islam. But, you know, a basically factual information, from a certain point of view :).

This post seems to presume that it is Americans that are feeding this fire.

Didn’t Sweden, or was it some other country, a few years ago ban Arabic-style minarets in buildings or something?

It’s just a more specific version of the Eurabia fear.

if you visit a place like /pol/ you can see what the people who push this stuff actually believe. It seems to mostly be an edgy forced meme looked at with some derision even by other racists (because France or the UK are even worse don’t you know), but a lot are on board with it.

America is even more screwed going by this logic, barely holding at 60% white anymore. Or maybe Muslims are worse than hispanics/blacks in their mind. Not sure.

You left out the part where they’re being tricked by Jews to accept multiculturalism and race mixing. All good racist CTs involve Jews wiping out whites via demographic warfare and media propaganda.

I know, I know . . . What the Jews are supposed to get out of that has never been clear to me.