What's up with these bunker busters ?

A bomb that can penetrate 6 metres of solid concrete. What’s up with that!

I just build a bunker with 6,5 metres of solid concrete

Problem solved :cool:

Ooohhhh those bunker buster bombs :eek:

Is there a question here?


I see your 6.5 meters of concrete.

I use my SUPERMODPOWERS[sub]TM[/sub] and blast right through.

I send this to MPSIMS.

All together now. “More powerful than a Bunker Buster…”


Yeah, is there a question here, or just an observation? Originally back in Desert Storm, they took old artillery piece barrels, filled 'em full of explosive, strapped pylon lugs and a fuse on 'em, and they worked great against the Iraqi IADS.

Either way you feel about the war, they saved lives. Better to use them than a nuclear weapon.

Put enough weight behind anything, and the kinetics will counter any concrete you got.

The trick is to make the bunker 6.5 meters thick before somebody drops a bunker buster on it.

well these bunker busters have been around for some years so I bet that many nations have upgraded their bunkers

They say it can penetrate 6 meters. I bet they just say that to make you build 6.5-meter bunkers, but it can actually penetrate 7 meters.

6 meters is what it can penetrate. It hasn’t exploded yet.

Do you know how many metres it can destroy with penetration and explosion

6+3 ?

And what’s the deal with airplane food? I mean, have you tried this stuff? And did you ever notice that men and women are different? What’s going on there?!

I know I’ve been reading the Dope too long when I read this and all I can wonder is when someone will come by and say something like “and then penis ensues”.


Look, you’re just going to have to buy the design plans for your bunker from the ads in the back of Popular Mechanics, like everybody else. Sheesh.

And so the bunker busters are upgraded as well. Mr. President, we must not allow a bunker buster gap!

good one :slight_smile:

Edith: Archie, there’s a man at the door. He’s askin’ if we have 6 meters or 6.5 meters of concrete. What should I tell him?

Archie: Stifle it, you dingbat you.

“When it is impossible for them to get in, it is impossible for you to get out.”

For super-duper bunkers you just aim for the doors. Then you try not to think about it too much.

A roseate pattern of five fuel air bombs, exploded above the bunker, in the air.

The bunker will not be destroyed. (Okay, okay, the bunker might not be destroyed.) But the oxygen in the five hundred meters surrounding the bunker will be entirely depleted. Incoming oxygen will feed the very large fire it leaves behind.

In modern military realities, if you can locate it, you can kill it.


And what’s up with the black box, anyway. If the black box is the only thing that survives an airplane crash, why don’t they make the airplane out of the black box?

Well, what’s up with airline peanuts? I mean, back when I was a kid, they gave them to you in a half-pound bag. Then as I got older, the bag shrank (as did the peanuts themselves) down to a half ounce. I took a flight last week, and the stewardess came over, reached into the drink cart with a pair of tweezers, and plucked out one sunflower seed (shelled) onto a napkin for me. :confused:

Man, the times are a changin’. :dubious:

6 meters is 20 feet of solid concrete. What happens when the ventilation intakes get blasted and the door is jammed shut under a few more meters of rubble? I hate it when that happens. That’s a nasty way to go. At least they’ll probably run out of air before they resort to cannibalism.