What's with all the Illinois plates?

I’ve been noticing an inordinate number of Illinois license plates on cars around here for the past several weeks. I see a lot of Washington, Oregon and Arizona plates, along with a few from Nevada, Texas and New Mexico. Not unexpected, since they are close to California. Well, maybe not Texas and New Mexico, but they’re closer than Illinois. But Illinois seems disproportionately represented.

What’s the deal with all of the Illinois visitors/immigrants to California? Some sort of “Visit California” campaign?

Perhaps the Illini have discovered a new use for all those bridges – besides permitting the Iowans and Missourians to swim across in the shade…

Seriously, it could be that the RED lettering and numbering on Illinois plates makes them stand out more than others, and therefore you notice them more.

No, the colours aren’t a factor. I ride 43 miles one-way to work, and part of staying alive on a motorcycle is noticing what’s going on around you. Part of my scan is looking at license plates of cars I’m about to pass, since lane splitting is not legal in most other places and I’m wary about out-of-state drivers when I’m on the bike. Since looking at plates has become a habit when I’m riding, it carries over to when I’m driving as well.

Perhaps the Chicago Democratic Machine is out there to support Davis in that Republican led recall that ya’ll got going.

Ever been to Illinois, Johnny L.A.? If you have, you’ll realize quickly how much we prefer to visit other places. Places that are sunnier, warmer. Places that have mountains and beaches. Places like, oh, I dunno, … California, perhaps?

HeyHomie: I went to Chicago for a science fiction convention once. Never got out of the hotel. I can understand why people would want to visit California (even if I hate the place), but there just seems more Illinois visitors around than any other state.

FWIW, I’m seeing more Mexican plates (mostly Baja California, but some from Sonora) as well. But not as many as Illinois. Illinois plates seem to number as many as, or more than, Washington plates.

Come to think of it, I normally see tons of Illinois plates around here this time of year, and I haven’t seen any. So that’s why they’re in California. It’s because they’re not in Michigan.