Whats with the coverage of the non-fighting?

I am trying to watch the news and get some news about stuff unrelated to the non-fighting. All the news stations seem to be hell bent on interviewing every private, retired major, chow hall Sgt and family member about what they think of the war on Iraq.

Then they all have a ton of live shots of nothing happening. Lots of dust clouds, night vision shots of nothing in baghdad, and lots of videos of pretty much the only bombs being blown up from 2 days ago.

What is with this? I know every one wants to know what is going on but when the goddamn news is broadcasting EVERY FUCKING MOVEMENT of allied troops it makes you wonder if they should have a gag orde rplaced on them. That has to compromise the fighting when the fucking news crews are tagging along and talking about hte landscape and where they are.

I do care about the war and want to be kept up to date but there is nothing going on. I dunno, I just wanna see some fucking sports news.

Watch ESPN then. Anyway I’m sure that the US military is making sure that the reporters report only what they can without compromising their missions, it’s not like a picture of tanks moving through desert is going to give the Iraqis any strategic insights.

This is so you don’t forget we are At War.

I wish the reporters would stick to reporting new developments, not second-by-second coverage. I, too, care about the war, but I’m quickly reaching my information saturation point.