What's with the Ron Burgundy advertising blitz?

This asshole is everywhere. Why are they pushing this movie so hard? He’s guest hosting actual news and weather broadcasts, sports broadcasts, giving video game tips, showing up on ESPN.com articles. The dude was on the cover of this weeks ESPN magazine.

Why is the studio going all-in on this movie?


Next question?

it’s gonna be a bad movie so they have to generate hella buzz to make sure they make enough money opening weekend before word-of-mouth spreads

Shareholders of movie studios like it when the films made by the studios make money.

Actually, it is getting pretty favorable reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

Because some people think Will Ferrell is funny.

It doesn’t look like the studio is doing this: it’s Ferrell himself.

And it’s a good move on his part. He is not a huge box office star. It’s been three years since he starred in a live-action movie that grossed even $100 million, chump change these days. His average grosses are way behind comics like Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler and like them he’s pushing 50, a bad age for frat-centered goofballs.

He needs this much more than you might think.

Yeah, he’s probably got a significant number of points on the movie instead of a huge salary.