What's with this kid's ears?

My sister contends that it is just the angle that makes his ears look weird, but I’ve never seen ears like that at any angle. Are they odd, or what?

I agree, they do appear big and protruding out at the top and bottom. If you do a google image search for “ear pinning”, that appears to be exactly what pre-op ears look like. So, probably not a symptom of a larger disorder, but just the way his ears are.

That picture appears all over the internet and I didn’t see any mention (at least in the few minutes I looked) about his ears, but their seems to be a number of threads on reddit, so it certainly could have been brought up over there.

Also, that picture is from 1946, he may very well still be alive and, if so, you might be able to find more pictures of him.

My friend in Norway says that he’s not a kid, he’s a young adult troll.

There are a couple of syndromes where ears sit low or are angled weird. Turners syndrome or Noonans syndrome. I read something about fragile X.

To me, it looks as if a tongue is coming out of his ear.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with his ears. To me, it’s the angle.

There is something about his earlobes being pulled in with respect to the rest of his ears, but I don’t think it’s indicative of anything. They’re not low or unusually large or misshapen beyond that. Angle and shadow are creating more contrast to the shape than it has.

I think the overall protrusion is well within the normal range. The only odd thing is the way the lobe on the kid’s right ear appears to be pushed forward, almost disconnected from the rest of the ear; but with only one photo and a lot of shadow that could be an artifact.

Thank God, someone gave him those new shoes.

They may protrude a bit, but not freakishly so I don’t think.

It’s the angle and lighting/shadows.

I think that he’s got something on his ear, perhaps a bandage or surgical dressing.

See here, I’ve outlined it in blue.

I think the bit on the his left, outlined in red isn’t an ear at all. Maybe his hair.

I’m sorry but, those ears ain’t normal. Look at his jawline, the ears are at or below that line. They are almost twisted.

His ears may or may not be weird; the viewing angle’s too weird for me to tell.