What's Wrong With Black Lives Matter

The thing is it’s pretty much only black males who get killed. They don’t kill black women. So they should re-name it: Black Male Lives Matter.

Unless that doesn’t sound as good, or something.

Not true.

Nope. Try again.

Actually, please don’t.

(Also, Korryn Gaines, killed by police two weeks ago in Baltimore.)

Ok. That’s one. Unless her heart condition was also considered a factor.

I think the point that LinusK was making, perhaps a bit too vaguely for the hyper-literalists on this board, was that police overwhelmingly kill men, not women.

What do you mean?

You realize 2 is still a small number, right?

OP, which do you suppose is the main goal of Black Lives Matter: ending the influence of racism in society, or just cutting back on the number of black men killed?

Maybe the OP thinks it should be called Black Women’s Lives Don’t Matter.

I believe these are their goals.

[li]end broken windows policing[/li][li]community oversight[/li][li]limit use of force[/li][li]independently investigate and prosecute[/li][li]community representation[/li][li]body cams / film the police[/li][li]training[/li][li]end for-profit policing[/li][li]demilitarization[/li][li]fair police union contracts[/li][/ol]

It seems pretty focused on reducing the number of black men killed.

I actually agree with a majority of those goals, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near the typical #BlackLivesMatter crowd

I mean please don’t try again, or we’ll end up “debating” things like:

when, with even the tiniest scintilla of good faith in a reasoned discussion, you would have had the impetus to look at MrDibble’s link for long enough to see that even the title makes clear that it’s not about a single person.

You realize 2 (words into the title of an article) is a small number, right?

And? They should change the name of the organization because of this?


Because of this (hint: I’m white)

Why did you cite a “Campaign Zero” website when there is a “Black Lives Matter” website that states its overall goals?

My understanding is that “Campaign Zero” is the #BlackLivesMatter’s response to criticism for not having clearly-defined policy ideas. I certainly didn’t intend to mis-characterize their goals.

OK, how does the number of black women killed by police compare to the number of white women killed by police?

Which still isn’t the right question to ask, because Black Lives Matter isn’t just about police violence, either. When a black woman is the victim of a crime, how does the response compare to when a white woman is a victim of the same crime?

You responded to an article called “These 15 Black Women Were Killed During Police Encounters” with “that’s one”?

Are you sure about that? Have they put any significant effort to protesting any non-police-caused death? All the ones I hear / read about are deaths at the hands of police. I suppose maybe Trayvon Martin, but the focus seemed to be on his hoodie back then, and I don’t recall hearing or reading #BlackLivesMatter at that time.

I love that video. The lady taking the video is yelling to “beat up every white person”. Then when the mob is actually doing it she sounds all concerned and is like, “OMG, they beat some white bitch ass for no reason”. Yeah.