whats wrong with descripive subjects?

this was not one of them…

how come there are no millenium advertisments this year?
how come there are no millenium special offers?
millenium now, why?

we all know the story, but did you know that when the years 1899 and 1900 came togeather the ruler of germany delcared that the millenium thingy…not 1900-1901.

what is it called in english when years meet?

in icelandic its “áramót = years meet”

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Nice to see you back, bj0rn. Have you been away or have I just not been looking at the threads you’ve been posting to?

I’m not sure what you’re asking, but if it’s why “the Millennium” was celebrated on 1 January 2000 and not 1 January 2001, it’s because people are more interested in the number change that in the actual date.

[QOUTE]what is it called in english when years meet?

in icelandic its “áramót = years meet”

I’m not sure we have an equivalent term in English. 31 December is New Year’s Eve and 1 January is New Year’s Day.

im just generally pissed at people who do not tell the truth…

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bj0rn! Just the other day, I was wondering where you were.

I don’t think the lack of millenium hype this year has much to do with any huge conspiracy to lie to the populace. People just got it out of their systems last year (even though they were incorrect in celebrating it then) and it’s just old news this year. The millenium’s passe and it hasn’t even arrived yet.


He’s back. How ya doin’, bj0rn?

Any ideas for new subjects as well? We’ve kinda seen the ol’ “Millennium thingie” and “sarcasm thingie” subjects, you know.

not since you became a mod coldfire…

my op contained 2 subjects, the real one was asked in the ops subject (just in case you didnt notice)…

the other was just to prove the question as a valid one

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They’re both valid questions, bj0rn.

So why did you post them in the Pit?

Hi bj0rn. Good to see you.

Question 1: What’s wrong with descriptive subjects?

Nothing. I wish more people would give their threads descriptive titles. It irks me when someone titles a thread “A Question,” or something. I have limited time, and I would rather spend my time reading threads in which I have some interest. A lot of times, I don’t open a thread with a vague title, and then I find out later it asked a question that I could have answered.

Your op proves the point! I only opened it because you were the thread starter.

Question 2: Why is there no millenium hype this year?

Because there was so much hype last year. I suppose the ad guys and the market researchers have determined that people are tired of millennium hype, and that it is no longer an effective marketing technique.

Is it just me or does the title have nothing to do with the OP?

As my colleague Gold… er… Coldfire said, the whole “When is the real millenium” thing was been done to death last year. If you’re interested, I suggest you start with The millennium approacheth. Will it start Jan. 1, 2000, or Jan. 1, 2001? and work from there.

As for your other questions…

"what is it called in english when years meet? " Nothing. We don’t have a word for that. We have New Years and New Year’s Eve. That’s it, really.

“whats wrong with descripive subjects?” Again, nothing. I’m a huge fan of them.

Remember, kids, general questions belong in General Questions.