What's wrong with my bird?

My bird (a budgie) is sitting in the bottom corner of its cage, making a pathetic squealing sound. It wasn’t doing this yesterday. I looked closely at it, and it appears to have some serious anal swelling going on. Big ol’ brownish (at least, I think it was brownish) thing bulging out, and what appears to be some kind of clearish liquid seeping out. What’s up?

It’s a tumor caused by the lack of calcium according to the vet I took my 9 year old budgie to for the same problem.

More info here .

Birds like budgies instinctively try to hide if they’re sick, because they don’t want to look vulnerable to predators. If birdie is obviously sick, he’s really sick. Run, do not walk to the vet.

Heed the advice of coffeecat. When birds are ‘off perch’ it is a sign that they are not well, and need attention by an avian vet quickly. Good luck

Yes, it’s true that birds who appear sick are often very ill, so try to find an avian vet right away! Often, dog and cat vets don’t know much about treating birds.
You can look up an avian vet near you at this website: http://www.aav.org/
Hope the bird is going to be okay.

I’ll echo the advice of the Dopers who answered before me – get your bird to an avian vet ASAP. Birds will instinctively hide symptoms of illness or injury until they are no longer able to do so.

I hope your bird gets better. I’ll keep good thoughts in mind for you both…