What's wrong with my keyboard?

My computer keyboard has been acting strangely all day. (I’m using Windows ME on an HP Pavilion, FTR.) Some keys won’t respond when they’re struck, others do weird things, like the scroll lock & num lock keys toggle each other on & off…at least that’s what they were doing. Now they pull up the options menu in Opera normally pulled up by a right click.

I don’t think anything’s stuck, exactly. I unplugged the keyboard and replugged it in. That didn’t help, so now I’m using the on-screen keyboard, which is demonstrating all of the same problems except the nonresponsive keys. (It is a tremendous pain, though, & I’d rather not use it.)

No new programs have been installed recently & a virus scan shows nothing, but it’s been getting worse all day. Help! What’s wrong with my keyboard?

Have you tried rebooting? Also try starting in Safe Mode and see if the problem persists.

Did reboot several times. No help. As for safe mode, I’m not exactly sure how to boot into that. I’m not very good w/ technical stuff, so I’d appreciate something not too involved if possible. (if it’s a big deal, mom will call a repairman, but for now, I’m trying small stuff)

Press F8 after POST (Power On Self Test). You will be presented with a numbered menu. One of the options is Safe Mode. Press the number for that one, and Windows will boot in Safe Mode. If the keyboard works now, you’ll know it’s not a hardware problem. Since you say the onscreen keyboard acts the same way, it’s likely to be a software issue.

I know of an annoying little virus that uses windows interrupt requests to cause keyboard annoyances. Maybe you should scan for viruses?

Well, got into safe mode & keyboard still didn’t work. Unfortunately, this problem will have to wait until tomorrow. I have a few friends more computer-literate than me so I shall ask them as well. Thanks for the help so far, safe mode could be useful in the future.