What's Wrong With My Post Title?

A thread on another board is entitled “What’s the Highest Street Address in the World?” After a week or so it is still number 10 on the board, 45 people have posted responses, and 1658 people have looked at it.

I wanted to ask a related question and so posted a thread entitled “Highest Street Address, Part Two.” After a few days it is near the bottom on the third page of the thread, 5 people have responded, and only 278 have looked at it.

What is there about the title of the first posting that makes it of continuing interest while my poor posting sinks from sight?

First Thread
Second Thread

First off, the thread title in the second suggests that you probably should have just asked the question in the first thread. Secondly, the question itself isn’t all that answerable. When the answers are of the “11 Main Street at 17,000 feet” vs. “2 Elm Street at 23,000 feet” variety, there’s not much consensus. The first thread has a one-upsmanship quality.

“I found a 142523 Main Street!”
“Well, I found 194163 Market!”

Essentially, your question asks, “what is the highest altitude at which you have street addresses?”

“Part II” sounds boring.

I wouldn’t have opened Part II. I’d be scratching my head, wondering why someone posted a new thread that (apparently) asked the same question that was asked in the first thread.

Didn’t notice either one…just this one.

Oh yeah? Well I didn’t even notice this one.

It needs to have either Mr. Obama, or race/genetics, or–for absolute guaranteed success–AGW in the title. Those go on forever. And try to floof up the teaser part so it looks like you are a totally biased buffoon needing your ignorance fought, fought decisively and fought interminably.

So, for instance:

*Has President Obama’s profligate spending and failure to produce any birth or college records affected the people living at the Highest Street address (Part II)-- and by the way, where is that address?

Are blacks genetically superior to whites in living at the Highest Street address (Part II)–and by the way, where is that address?

What’s the effect of AGW hysteria on the Highest Street address (Part II)–and by the way, where is that address?*

In an emergency, you can use aliens or conspiracy theories:

Did aliens really plan 9/11 from the Highest Street address (Part II)–and by the way, where is that address?

If you’re concocting the “Most Likely to Be Viewed/Responded To” thread title, you should add this to the end:

(Urgent! Need Help Now! (Plus: pictures of kitties))

Nope. For maximum visibility, the title needs to mention something related to sex. Maybe “Highest Address Part 2: Kinky Sex (TMI and PICS!)”…

Chief Pedant, that was funny :smiley: