What's Wrong with this iPod?

Why do I feel the need to start by saying I am not asking for medical advice? :wink:

So my daughter’s iPod (2 years old, iPod Nano, one of the short ones if it matters, I don’t know what generation number that is) is frozen. But it is not the typical frozen on start up that I have seen before. It was going to the menu and displaying photos but when a song was selected it said it was currently playing but wasn’t (and the timer wasn’t moving or anything, it just said currently playing with the slider bar at 0:00) that’s when we tried all the reset tricks, toggling the hold button, turning it off and on etc. but that didn’t work. Now it is stuck on a song, won’t play, won’t go back to menus, won’t turn off.

So I decided to do a reset through iTunes, but the computer won’t recognize it either.

What can I do? Is this repairable either at home or at the iPod repair place or is it just time to toss it and get a new one?

Admittedly my daughter abuses the poor thing- it is usually tossed into the bottom of her school bag, she won’t keep it in a protective case (despite having bought her several) she sleeps with it on which means that it falls to the floor in the middle of the night, gets stepped on, gets left in jeans pockets and tossed into the laundry hamper and has been rescued from the washing machine (before getting wet) on several occasions. Because of that I’d rather not invest in a new one, but if the repair will cost as much as a new one or if this is beyond fixing that might be my only choice. The upside of that is that her birthday is in a couple weeks, so it could count as her birthday present, since I am at a loss as to what to get her and she won’t help with ideas.

Have you tried pressing the middle button and “Up” at the same time until it resets?

Yes I tried. It still does nothing.

Now the backlight won’t even shut off, so I guess we just have to wait for the battery to die. Speaking of that we tried recharging it too, and every thing I could find by googling “frozen iPod”.

The thing is that it is frozen in a weird spot, it seems that no one has ever heard of an iPod doing this before. :frowning:

We are facing a mountain of unprecedented bills (nothing too serious but it will use up all of our “play” money for a while) so I hate to just have to buy a new one (or have my daughter go without).

Do you live near an Apple store? A couple of years ago my ipod froze and I was unable to fix or reset it myself using online help. I took it in to the store, and they were able to reset it for me (I don’t know what they did to fix it). The service was either free or inexpensive.

Yeah, that’s probably best. If Apple didn’t insist on making their batteries nearly impossible to remove, I’d just tell you to take the battery out.

When a device freezes at an odd point, ofttimes the only solution is a hard reset.

This is the most bizarre thing! “The” iPod repair place, that is the one recommended by Apple (but not an Apple store) happens to be only a few miles from my house. So this morning we were getting ready to drive the poor, frozen iPod there to see what it would take (and cost) to repair it.

My daughter had plugged it back into the charger after I went to bed last night (this morning) against my better judgment because I was waiting for the battery to die so we unplugged it and were getting ready to go when she decided to hit the menu button and it worked! It went to the menu. So she chose a song at random and hit play…and it played. So she chose another song and another and went o a different menu and displayed some photos, went to videos and played one, etc. And it all worked.

The iPod seems to be fine now. Maybe it was just tired. :wink:

So I guess if it it happens again (or if anyone else’s does the same thing) we should just give it some time. It was just under 24 hours that it was frozen. So weird…