What's your 20, Bandit? - Burt Reynolds RIP

story about his FB career at Florida State


The National Enquirer thrived for years on “Burt and Loni” stories. There can’t be much ground left unplowed for gossip.

The closest I ever got to The Burtster was a coffee shop at the end of the block when I lived in LA. It was owned by Burt Reynolds’ driver (for his star van when he went on location, I think), and one entire wall was plastered with Burt & Sally Fields snapshots. Loni might have been in the mix, too; I don’t remember. Or maybe she came later.

The chef/owner couldn’t shut up about Burt when he was flippin’ burgers. Most patrons didn’t mind; after all, it was Hollywood, or at least one tiny corner of it. The next corner probably had another star’s cook flippin’ tacos.

I liked Burt in Gunsmoke and his early movies.

His best film is Semi Tough. I’ve seen it many, many times.

RIP Billy Clyde Puckett

Marilu Henner comments on her friend and costar.

I guess I liked him in Deliverance.. But I can’t think of another Burt Reynolds movie I’ve seen.

I read he was married to Judy Carne in the 1960s pre-Laugh-In.. Now THAT makes me jealous.

No mention yet of that infamous centerfold?

I was twelve when I saw Smokey and the Bandit. Who doesn’t love Trans Ams and 18-wheelers when they’re twelve? Oh man, my friends and I were all over it. Discovering new ways to swear was fun too. Dad even got a CB for the family truckster. Loved that movie. The sequals … not so much.

*Hooper *was a favorite too. Saw it when I was thirteen. Who doesn’t want to be a stuntman and jump out of helicopters in to air bags when they’re thirteen?

Longest Yard, Semi-Tough, Canonball Run, Sharkey’s Machine and later in Boogie Nights and Mystery, Alaska. Good movies, good performances.

Yeah, I always liked Burt.

Sharkey’s Machine

Dan August.

I am unabashed fan and am sorry to hear this. Thank you, Mr. Reynolds, for a shitload of great movies; some of my favorites include

The End
Smoky & the Bandit
Cannonball Run
The Longest Yard
Sharky’s Machine

and of course his part in Boogie Nights was a huge reason the movie is considered as good as it is.

Rest in peace; you done good.

my brother had the T-top Trans Am after the movie came out .

Silent Movie! Short cameo but he was funny and self-mocking.

“That staple’s gotta hurt.”

Good one!:grin:

“Stick this in your trophy case.”

S&TB was the #4 grossing movie of 1977 @ $125 million, so I don’t think Jackie Gleason was reduced to a “loser role” in this film at all. I was 10 when it came out, lived in Atlanta (where much of it was filmed), and have loved the movie ever since. Just watched it tonight, in fact.

It’s one of those movies that just kind of came together - IIRC the writer/director hoped to get Burt and had no, zero, zilch expectation that he would also get Jerry Reed, Sally Field, and Jackie Gleason as well. But when Burt signed on, the others tagged along as well.

Now Jerry, Burt, and Fred are all together again, ready to do some bootleggin’ in heaven.


Hehehe, S&tB was the first movie I felt like I was in trouble for seeing at around that age. Not because of the content, but because my dad took my sister and I to see it on an afternoon my mom was out of town. I was bewildered at the controversy. We had gone and seen “Eat My Dust” before without her, and no-one was unhappy. He probably saw it as a wise babysitting move, but my mom reallllly wanted to stare at Burt for an hour or so. I imagine she had herself some “me time” with his famous centerfold. We’re all human, the man was damn good at being charming, and she was in the target audience.

So, after a couple of days of being in the doghouse, my dad found the cash to take us all to see it again! :cool:

Burt, as much as I’m a little shy about admitting it, you kind of shaped young me. Who doesn’t want to be the man mom idolizes? If nothing else, you didn’t take yourself too seriously, which is a great strength. Whatever heaven would be for you, I hope ya get it.

I’ve not seen anybody mention Best Little Whorehouse In Texas.

A friend of mine died last year and I recently came into possession of his photo albums. For some weird reason there is a picture of me looking at that centerfold. The picture was taken around 1979 (the centerfold is from 1972). I have no memory of it and no clue why I had it. :slight_smile: But Burt was sexy.