what's your buddy icon?

Mine is a penguin right now. [His name is Pingu] It used to be lips.[I love RHPS] I almost went with the snork one I saw. That would’ve kicked ass, but not as much as Pingu.

Mine’s a little blue Indy Car I made myself.

Mine is just me.
Ok, it’s prosaic.

Mine is Bubbles.

Mine is a planet and stars… it look cool.

I don’t have one…the only person I talk to on AIM is racinchikki. Mostly I use the one that came with Compuserve.

The instant messenger client that came with CS, that is.

mine’s a sword and shield, handmade (ok, so i stole some of the pieces…)

Mine’s a kickass headshot of me in my SPOOFE form, with dark hooded cape and glowing red eyes (they flash), which I made myself, thank you very much. And I didn’t steal any of the pieces, either.

Mine just says “FUCK YOU”. My sisters is a baby picture of herself, and i have 2 friends with pictures of their own eyes as buddy eyecons

Mine is “blow buddy”. I really want the “get head” one, but I can’t have it because one of my other friends found it first.

I have a BADASSBUDDY.com icon. It is pretty weird and it flashes all these swear words.

I have a dragon. Fire and all. :smiley:

kewl kewl!

Mine is a cute little Anime-like girl’s face. IM me if you want to see it.

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**[sub](OiwannusethisSweet Sue)
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At some point I used a pufferfish found by a friend of mine . . . long story.

But since my PC and the server have been having a fight, I don’t use one. Would be too annoying to transfer each time.

My mother uses a revolving cookie.

A cartoon lemming–matches the screenname.
Lifted it off a FAQ page for the game, then traced over it at a higher resolution to give it a more “hand-drawn” look.
Pretty innocent compared to some of the others around here :rolleyes:.

Mine’s the Buffalo Bills helmet logo.