What's your employment status?

After reading the “How long have you been unemployed” thread, I was feeling kinda down, so hopefully things aren’t as bad out there as they were a year ago. For dopers, anyway!

Poll to follow!

Me, I found a full-time job after being unemployed for 6 months. Before that, I had been a full-time student with a part-time job.

I just realized, this is something that doesn’t draw a lot of discussion… The answer to the poll is pretty straightforward.

Currently, I’m not working by choice. I left my job in retirement customer service. It was making my life hell, and my health has suffered for it. Therefore, I’m taking this time off–I saved up a nice chunk of cash, and currently have a wonderful support system in my family–to lose weight, change my lifestyle, and figure out what, exactly, I want to do with my life. 'Cause I figured out a long time ago that answering phones and working in finance and insurance ain’t it.

The whole thing vaguely terrifies me–I mean, taking time off at the age of 27? Could I think of something stupider to do? But I made the decision that improving my health–making it so that I have the potential to live longer, to live more fully–was worth almost anything, and I know myself well enough that I can’t focus on that while working a job that I hate. Maybe that makes me weak. I still have to do what I have to do.

So I don’t think there’s a box in that bag for me. :slight_smile:

I became a computer programmer in 1988 and have been continuously employed since then.

I’ve been with the same company for 11 years now. Just got promoted too, woot!

I’ve been self-employed for about 3 years, and whilst some months have been patchy, over all I’ve made a good living and feel very fortunate to have a skill (graphic design) which has allowed me to escape being an employee-drone with the threat of redundancy hanging over me. I love being in charge of my own destiny.

Hit my 20-year anniversary on the job in October. I’m now officially an “old-timer” :wink: ( no kidding - there used to be annual “old-timer” dinner until recent budget cuts ).

I do freelance contract work, unfortunately not enough to make a living off of.

Self-Employed for 19 years now…it’s almost like having 2 wives.

I have 4 part-time jobs and a couple of side gigs (self employment).

Full time engineering job and doing part-time law school. Yikes!

Currently full time, made it safely through a “biggest shark in the pond consuming your company” scenario, complete with plant closing.

That was a harrowing experience.

Someone was asking me last week where I saw myself in five years. I told him that I just don’t see myself being lucky enough times to survive more corporate reorgs, so I will likely be elsewhere.

On a positive note, one of my best friends just got hired yesterday after several months on the street. He is a specialist in technical drawings and design for HVAC systems (whatever you call the guys who do AutoCAD for a living).

It’s a good day when a friend gets a job.

Retired and do not miss work one bit.

Super-full-time… One 40 hour a week job and one 10 hour a week job.

It wavers between self-employed and retired, depending on whether I currently have any income.

Ditto, my. . .er. . .bruddah. Free since late 2008.

Technically I’m self-employed, although for the past three years I’ve had just one client, who provides me with full-time work - so in effect, I’m a full-time employee who has to pay his own taxes.

I have been gainfully unemployed for the past 21 years or so; I checked “other”.

Lemme splain: I am basically an on-call employee. I’m a union member and most of the work I do is through my hiring hall local. When an employer needs my services, I get a phone call from dispatch and accept the job. When the job is over, tho, I’m back to being unemployed. I also have a number of clients I work for on a 1099 basis, but it’s basically the same deal (i.e., I go back to being unemployed when the gig is over).

I’m a full-time PhD student on a 20-hour teaching assistantship, considered “full,” so I checked the full-time student and part-time employed boxes.

I also hold down a widely variable teaching job for Kaplan but it would very rarely kick me into full-time even when added to the TA hours.