What's your favorite brand of toilet?

I don’t like the way American Standard has to put their name so large on every piece of porcelain.

Kohler on the other hand has a lot of class, and nice designs too.

I have to go with Kohler myself. They have the nicest industrial design. Kinda deco when they get ambitious.

We have a 1.8 gallon toilet from Renovator’s Supply that is wonderful, we have never noticed that it is different from the old, water wasting one. In the catalogue it is called “America’s Favorite Water Saving Toilet”, or something similar. The brand name is Wesrern. In the other bathroom we have a Universal Rundle low flush toilet, recommended by Consumer Reports many years ago, and it is definitely a “flush twice” piece of junk.

Just a bit of trivia. Kohler is based in Kohler Wisconsin, and started out selling farm machinery. They sold a scalding tub for farmers to process the animals in. The tank had the option of feet, so it could be used in the house as a bath tub.

The Kohler display center has a history museum in the basement, and the other two floors display their products in rooms. made to compliment the unique designs.

American Standard might have a large logo, but they make the best porcelain bus, IMHO.