What's Your Favorite DVD?

I didn’t want to hijack the other DVD thread, so I thought I’d start this one.

What’s your favorite DVD, considered as a whole with commentary, deleted scenes, and so on?

I think it would be a tossup between Moulin Rouge and Cannibal:The Musical. both have excellent commentary tracks, dleted scenes, and trailers. I like Moulin Rouge’s marketing footage as well–it’s interesting to see how the studios create buzz for their products.

I’m also curious how many do you own? (101, counting multidisc sets)
and what was the last DVD you bought? (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert)

Criterion’s CITIZEN KANE is not only a knock-out, razor-sharp image but features 2 commentaries (one by Ebert) AND the great PSB documentary on the making of KANE.

Now if only Lucas would release Episode 4 with the option to see the original version or the Special Edition AND the great tv special “The Making of Star Wars.”

Mallrats. The movie is kinda lame but the commentary and wealth of deleted scenes really shows what went wrong and why. The commentary is probably funnier than the movie.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, tied with Postcards From The Edge.

Rocky has commentary by O’Brien and Patricia Quinn.

Postcards has commentary by Carrie Fisher.

I love them both.

Last DVD bought was Soapdish.

Being a history nut I like my Thirteen Days DVD. Lots of archived footage from the crisis. They also have 2 commentaries, one by the filmmaker and another with historical figures.

Spinal Tap is also a favorite. The commentary is as funny as the movie.

Grey Gardens. The chapters are named after some of the hilarious quotes and antics. The captioning comes in handy when it comes to deciphering the Edies’ thick accents. R.I.P.

At the moment it’s Spinal Tap.

Lots and lots of extras and a high percentage of them are as funny as anything in the original flick.

Brazil, the Criterion version. The two polar opposite versions of the movie and 1 full DVD of extras, including the documentary The Battle for Brazil. The story behind the movie is almost good enough to be a movie on its own.

Favorites are The Big Lebowski and Office Space. But just cause I love the movies. The extras on those suck. The former doesn’t even have subtitles so I can figure out what the fuck Wu says right before he pisses on Dude’s rug. I’m bothered by that.

My favorite DVD commentary is on Fast Times at Ridgemont High - Amy Heckerling and Cameron Crowe have some fond memories.

View Askew (Kevin Smith) puts out wonderful DVDs. The films themselves are OK at best, e.g. Mallrats, but damn the DVDs are chock full. If they didn’t exist, Ben Affleck would still be an object of my disdain. I’ve seen 'em all, but the only one I own is the Clerks cartoon thing.

Count: 150+
Last bought: Hannibal

Interesting side note about Kevin Smith:

The Chasing Amy commentary begins with Kevin shouting “Fuck DVD!” Back then he was still doing LaserDisc stuff and I guess he was afraid that his collection was about to become obsolete.

Is there an FAQ somewhere about the origins of DVD? Like what the first movies for it were and when it was introduced? I got a DVD-ROM drive in summer 1999 but I seem to recall them being available at least a year and half earlier.