What's your favorite Mel Brooks movie?

What’s your favorite Mel Brooks movie?

The Producers, hands down.

Followed by

***The Twelve Chairs

Blazing Saddles

Dead and Loving It***

in that order.

You left out To Be or Not To Be. :frowning:

Sorry I only included films he directed, from here.

Aha! Never mind. :slight_smile:

Blazing Saddles is one of my top few favorite comedies ever.

Mel peaked with his first movie.

The Producers
Blazing Saddles
Young Frankenstein

After that, silence.

I’ve seen 'em all, liked or loved most of 'em, but Young Frankenstein is the pinnacle.

Young Frankenshteen. Just saw this recently, still great.

I picked Young Frankenstein because it’s a better made, more structured movie. But for sheer, gut-busting laughs Blazing Saddles wins hands down.

We’ve done this before. The answer is always Young Frankenstein.

Young Frankenstein is the only choice. It’s his only film that is consistently funny and where his over-the-top sensibility works throughout. Blazing Saddles is uneven (though with some great high points) and The Producers works because of Zero Mostel. Silent Movie was OK, but nothing great, but all his movies after that were more and more uneven.

Sorry, but I get no kick out of Young Frankenstein and fail to understand the love for it. Except for Putting on the Ritz I don’t think much of it’s funny.

Blazing Saddles is getting funnier every year.

Isn’t that like saying JLo only works because of her ass?

There’s very little that endures that let’s us remember how great Zero Mostel was. I knew very little about him until I saw the The Producers, yet he instantly shot to the top of the heap. It’s an amazing performance, and possibly the best comic performance ever.

The Producers, Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein make up the Holy Trinity of movie comedies, IMO, and The Producers takes the #1 spot. Mel Brooks is God, if for only what he did during that 7 year span.

Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein are great (as is The Producers), but Spaceballs is the only movie I’ve ever owned on VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray. It’s a personal fave.

And that’s why it gets my vote. Nobody quotes YF, but most people know at least one or two from Saddles.

That’s behind my vote as well. I think I can quote almost all of the funny lines in Raising Arizona which is also in my Top Few. And I do rate Mel a little higher than the Coens, but not by much.

The Producers is the one I quote from the most. “What do you want, you fish-faced enemy of the people?” gets used quite a bit.

History of the World, Part I gets my vote, followed by Blazing Saddles.

I voted Blazing Saddles, but, I admit, I’ve never seen The Producers. Some research is in order. Young Frankenstein is another clear vote, but I’m also quite a fan of History of the World.