What's your favorite movie for enjoying good, subwoofer-thumping surround sound?

A few months back, my surround sound receiver paid a visit to the big techno-Og in the sky (for the second time…first time, the cat puked into the air vents on top…bad kitty), but it has been resurrected and born again and given a second (third) chance at life. So, in order to pay appropriate homage to the techno-Og, I want to watch some really good surround-sound movies this weekend. I want the subwoofer to throb so hard, the cat pukes again (hopefully far away from the receiver).

Just to pre-empt some duplicate suggestions, I already have (or have watched a million times) the following:

The Usual Suspects
Pulp Fiction
True Lies
The Road Warrior
Jurassic Park (all)

So…what are you favorites? :smiley:

Independence Day made the china and glassware in our cabinet rattle. It was caused by that low rumble heard when the “motherships” were hovering over major cities, and could be felt vibrating through our floor as well.

The battle scenes in Master and Commander are pretty spiffy for good sound systems.

The Tom Cruise surround sound pair extrordinaire: Top Gun and Days of Thunder.

Second for Master and Commander, the cannon blasts literally rattled the glasses on my table.

The Oliphant stomps in Return of the King were pretty cool as well.

Predator is pretty good when they mow down the forest.

The opening sequences in both Glory and Moulin Rouge justified our investment in surround sound.

Most of the Star Wars movies would probably be pretty good for you.

We had excellent vibration with both Mummy movies.

Also, Patrick Stewart’s opening narration on X-Men 2 was the first thing ever played on my surround sound and it made our glasses rattle almost as well as the fight scenes.

Saving Private Ryan is a good one for that. The opening scene is INTENSE with good sound.

Ooooh!! You just reminded me that I have Moulin Rouge, which I don’t think I’ve even watched yet (although I did see it in the theater). I also rented Hellboy and Bubba Ho Tep. Bubba was just because I heard from other people that it was nfity, Hellboy is because it should be a good “make your ears bleed” movie. :smiley:

There’s a scene in Mortal Kombat (where they first show the scary looking boat) where there is a bass note so low it almost makes you crap. A friend had some speakers with spikes in the bottoms that transmitted bass to the floor, and when that scene came on the whole house vibrated. Good soundtrack too.

T2 Ultimate ed.

The Fast and The Furious–especially the first street-racing scene. My God.

The Hunt for Red October

The SONAR pings echo throughout the house