What's your favorite spider?

Please share with me your favorite neat-looking, colorful or otherwise interesting spider. I know there are a lot of knowlegeable Dopers out there …

Thank you in advance!

One of my personal favorites is the Alfa Romeo Spider.

Mine is the Black and Yellow Argiope. A couple of months back, there were 7 or 8 of them living in my yard all around the house.

The one that is as far from me as physically possible and spends its time eating other spiders.

What’s that one called again?

Argiope aurantia

So beautiful!

EDIT: Darn you pacifist!!! You beat me to it by XX seconds!

Gotta be one of those jumping spiders with the cute (?) little faces.

A dead one.

Like blondebear says, one like this cute one here.

Daring Jumping Spider.

Here’s a link all about my favorite Spider.

The one we call “Daddy long legs” would be number one. They seem harmless and gentile plus they move slowly. If one is stuck in the tub, I help it out, just to the floor unless others are afraid of it. Then I put it outside.

Those little jumping spiders at the window are fine with me too. I would need to be under direct attack to consider killing anything except flies or mosquitoes.

Here’s an interesting looking critter, Spiny Orb Weaver.

These are great. I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting a small, inconspicuous tattoo of a spider and wanted to see what cool ones are out there, but this has been unexpectedly edifying. Keep 'em coming!

:slight_smile: Face Spider!.

I came in to mention that one!

Whoa, flashback! That looks like what a boss in an update of Tempestshould look like!

And there is this guy.

You’d think it would be too small to see if a spider is circumcised or not.



My favourite one also! I hadn’t seen that type of spider before in this region (the island of Montreal), but I’ve seen them two years in a row now. One of them lives on my yellow Mazda6 at the moment, the web stretching from the passenger-side rear view mirror to the door handle. I’ve actually avoided driving it so that she can live in peace.

Needless to say, I love spiders.