What's your favorite type of bicycle? I like old ones.

I just got one with the brakes in the pedals, so you can rid no-handed, with a wide seat, so you can cruise without bending over to feel comfortable.

And wide handlebars without levers and wires, so I can put my feet up and coast down long, light grades.

To me, bending over may avoid drag, but it defeats the grand feel of wind all over your body. If drag is a problem, either you’re not joyriding or you’re just not fit enough yet. A little daily practice, and you can’t believe anyone cares about wind drag.

How about you? (Tell me what you LIKE, though. No point in telling me I shouldn’t like what I do. I’m having too much fun.)

20" BMX bikes, single speed, for flatland in my backyard.

BTW, those “brakes in the pedals” are called coaster brakes.

Give me a durable “Mountain Bike” with 18 speeds and “click shifters”. Those shifters are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Wow, do I remember searching for gears on my old Sanwa 10-speed.

Anyway, durability and functionality attracts my vote.