What's your favourite Firefox extension?

Vaguely inspired by Tentacle Monster’s thread.
Well the title pretty much says it all, which extension or extensions is/are your favourite(s)?
Mine are:
[li]Chatzilla (for chatting on #straightdope*)[/li][li]Cookie Culler (for the excellent cookie control)[/li][li]Adblock (a must have for… everyone)[/li][li]Gmail Notifier (No need for a designated Gmail tab anymore)[/li][li]FoxyTunes (It’s more comfortable than Foxamp and works with more apps.)[/li][/ul]

Reasons why would be nice as well.

All the above extensions can be found at the Firefox extensions site
*The IRC channel #straightdope is in no way affiliated with the Chicago Reader etc.

I’ve only been using it for two days at work so my list of extensions is quite small and I don’t have a favorite yet. A request though, a link to those nifty extensions you list would be most helpful.


Asketh and thou shalt recieveth

Gmail Notifier

Mouse gestures.


I’m a fan of Flashblock, which replaces Flash apps with a little button you click on to actually start it. So those annoying ads with sound don’t even annoy me before I nail 'em with Adblocker.

I posted this in the previous thread but it bears repeating: Tabbrowser Extensions customizes just about every aspect of tabbed browsing.

All-in-one gestures. Nowadays, I get actively frustrated when I’m forced to use a web browser that doesn’t support mouse gestures.

Bugmenot. Allows you to bypass mandatory free registration at many news sites. Was shutdown earlier this week but appears to have found a new host. keeps fingers crossed

Super DragAndGo. Allows you to drag plain text links anywhere on the page to open the link in a new tab, drag words to run a search, drag an image to open a save as… dialog. Very handy.

My extensions, in no particular order (I tried to order them based on usefulness, but I’d be here all night; well, I may be here all night, but at least I won’t be occupied with that single task…Enough! On to the browser extensions–>):
[li] MouseGestures: Like everyone else who’s recommended this extension, I curse and make faces when I have to use a browser sans mouse gestures. I probably don’t use this extension to it’s full capabilities, but even just for moving forward and backward in a page or closing a tab, it’s so worthwhile.[/li][li] Tabbrowser Extensions: Again, mentioned already in this thread. Really, if I had to only have one extension, this might be it.[/li][li] StumbleUpon: A bit complex to explain, but a lot of fun and an interesting idea. My SU page is here.[/li][li] QuickNote: Allows you to take notes right in your browser, as well as highlight text in the browser and immediately send it to a note. I just realized how frequently I would open up Notepad for such things, and this is saving me a step.[/li][li] MozillaCalendar: Adds a calendar with dates, appointments, etc. into my browser.[/li][li] BugMeNot: This one’s already been talked about. Makes a useful thing SUPERuseful.[/li][li] CopyImage: extends the usefulness of right-clicking on images with “View Image,” “Copy Image,” and “Copy Image Location”[/li][li] GoUp: I got used to this feature using the Google toolbar. Allows you to type “Alt+UpArrow” and go up one directory level in your current site.[/li][li] PasteAndGo: Allows you to copy text, paste it to the address bar and load the page as a smooth step.[/li][li] IEView: Allows you to open the current page or a link in Internet Explorer.[/li][li] Flat Bookmark Editing: Tool for managing your bookmarks with greater ease.[/li][li] GooglePreview: Inserts thumbnails of web sites into my Google search results.[/li][li] Web Developer: Amazingly useful if you design web pages. See the page to explore the full list of features.[/li][li] EditCSS: Modify stylesheets using the sidebar in Firefox.[/li] Weatherfox: Displays the current weather as small icons in your browser.[/ul]

I, too, use and love Tabbrowser Extensions.

In addition, I recommend a small add-on called DerBrowserTimer: “It places a digital time readout on the right side of the browser menu bar, allows you to set an alarm with an audible alert and/or visual notification, and can also be configured to signal the hour or half hour with an alternate tone like a cuckoo clock.” It’s pretty handy for when I don’t want to take the time to set up a reminder in Outlook or my PDA. :slight_smile:

Help! Clicking the “install” link didn’t work, neither did saving the target locally and double-clicking on it. The install file is of a type xpi, which apparently my computer does not recognize. :frowning:

Any suggestions on alternate ways I can install this extension? :confused:

Drag the .xpi into an open tab in Firefox.

Worked like a charm, nikjohns – thanks! :slight_smile:

Yay, I’m so glad that my hella-long list of extensions prompted at least one download. :slight_smile: May it serve you well, Misnomer.

Does anyone know where I can get the extension that adds the Internet Movie Database to my quick search bar?

I see it once existed, but seems to have been taken down. Anyone know where I can get it now?

Mahaloth: go here, and click on the Arts category. IMDB is the 26th link from the top. :slight_smile:

Moi: I’m already lovin’ the weather thing. I’ve tried various desktop weather apps (even used WeatherBug for quite a while), but ultimately wound up uninstalling them. I love having a quick-reference forecast (and current conditions) right in the browser – and it’s so configurable! :cool: Thanks!

Can any of you Firefox gurus answer the question that I asked in the other thread about Firefox? It would be muchly apreciated.

Does anyone know if there is a good spell check for Firefox (like IE spell for IE)? That is one thing I really miss.

Here’s the one I use.