What's your favourite "Mythbusters" episode?

I liked the Jaws one.

Example, the bit about shooting a scuba tank, as in the end of the first Jaws movie. Fascinating bit of physics, culminating in a pretty good (albeit induced) kaboom.

I also liked the segment about the Civil-War-era rocket-propelled projectiles. The part where they set the workshop on fire, when a fuel test goes awry, was hilarious.

And while later episodes are stretching the show’s format a bit, I liked watching the car get dropped into the swimming pool. The myth (and the tests) were fairly obvious, but it was still interesting, and potentially useful for more ignorant viewers who don’t know anything about water pressure.

A rather unrelated observation: Jamie and Adam rarely intact with the second team anymore. I’ve been wondering if they recognize that there are a finite number of really good myths to bust, and are gearing up to spin off the second team into a slightly different type of show. Aside from Jamie, Grant is the only one with any engineering talent, and where Keri goes, desperate geeks… erm… loyal viewers… will follow.

So many episodes, let’s see. My favorite was the Chinese rocket chair, where they tested the myth of the Ming Dynasty astrologer Wan Hu, who reputedly had a chair built with 47 rockets attached to it in an attempt to reach the stars. Buster was well and truly busted.

I also liked the Elevator of Death, where they tested the myth that you can save your life in a falling elevator by jumping up in the air just before the elevator hits the ground.

“Quack, damn you!”

Sorry, someone had to say it. :smiley:

I think my favorite was the killer quicksand. Very clear and convincing demonstration, even if the result was predictable.

The cement truck was my least favorite, at least the huge explosion. It didn’t prove or disprove anything, it didn’t even demonstrate anything interesting. It was just an explosion.

But the truck was just …gone. :eek:

First things first: Lobsang, what the hell do you mean by almost? Kari’s smokin’ hot. Too bad her artwork isn’t much to look at–it almost gives her depth to go along with being a hottie.

I loved the cement truck explosion, too, though I concede it, as scr4 said, didn’t really demonstrate anything.

As for favorite shows, for some reason–probably the probability for mayhem–I find myself most entertained by the car shows: the rocket car myth, the “Dukes of Hazzard” jumping a broken bridge myth, the ejector seat myth–anything where they have to rig up a car with remote control or extra gadgets. They’re just a lot of fun, plus there’s always the crash potential.

I guess another part of the reason I like the car eps is because they usually roll on over to the old NAS Alameda to play on the old runways; I used to work there back in the day, and it’s always a little thrill when they stop by the old stomping grounds. I’ve even thought of emailing and asking them to “accidentally” blow up old Building 8, just to know that the old office has been turned into a smoking heap. But I guess I’ll refrain…

It’s an addictive show, no doubt about it.

My favorite is still one of the really old ones, where they used Buster to re-create the old “roofer drops a barrel of bricks” tale. After a few tries, they got it to work perfectly.

The one where they put Buster in the washing machine and turned him into a dervish…Tasmanian Buster cracks me up every single time.

And the Crimes and Mythdemeanors episodes. Especially Jamie trying to climb the ducts with the superpowered magnets. “Thor, the God of Thunder, is breaking into my building!”

I like the tree cannon, for the fact that you could make a cannon out of a tree and the thoughts of the crazed Eastern Europeans blowing themselves to smithereens with it.

And the description of what they’re going to do with the gunpowder, 5 ozs to blast a ball out of it, 5 lbs to blow it to pieces wasn’t it? :smiley:

Any episode with Scottie swoon.

Yeah, bring back Scottie! Give me a chick who can weld over a bimbo with a parasol any day!

I like the FBI guy’s description: “The truck evaporated.” Truly the most worthwhile moment of television ever.

Out of the more recent episodes, I like the one where they were testing how/if you can open a car door underwater. The last test where Adam was Zen was awesome.

Personally, I can’t stand Kari. I liked Scotti better because she was actually useful. Kari’s just perky. Way too perky. (I’m female, btw. That might account for it.)

I think these were both in the same episode…

Holiday Rube Goldberg Machine and dropping the frozen turkey onto the zombie dog. That dog was insanely ugly.

I also liked the one where Jamie was painted to test gold paint asphyxiation.

One other I wanted to mention was when they launched Buster out of the big culvert. I think the myth was about a raccoon in a culvert, some gasoline, and a fool with a lighter or something.

Anyway, they kind of positioned Buster inside a big styrofoam sabot and ba-VOOM…launched his androidal ass out of that culvert.

Jamie wasn’t too far off on his guess for Buster’s final landing place, either.

[Butthead] That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen…[/Butthead]

One of my favorites was when they busted the myth of whether high-speed CD-ROM drives cause CDs to disintegrate and spew shards. If I recall, they busted the myth but then went on to figure out just how fast a CD does need to spin before coming apart. There was just something about that ballistics gel dummy full of CD shards that I found hilarious.

Almost? Is there something wrong with you?

The bigger explosion was testing the myth of the WW2 bomber crewman who fell out of the plane without a chute, but had his fall cushioned by the shock of the bomb explosion underneath. A lot more explosives were involved, but the results weren’t spectacular.

But my favorite, because it combines a manic creativity with the use of pyrotechnics, not just mass quantities, is the myth that a kid can swing a swingset hard enough to go over the top. After showing that the dummy of Little Susie could never do it with the normal pumping method, they naturally had to move on to the use of rocket propulsion on the swing. Yep, if the thrust is centered enough not to twist the chains instead, and the acceleration is high enough to maintain tension all the way around, that works - and spectacularly, too. :smiley:

I like the one where they tested various primitive means of lighting fires. The one that seemed to work best was ice. Now, that’s irony.