What's your handwriting like?

I meant to do this thread when the cursive thread was going but…

What’s your handwriting look like (preferably with pics)? Is it scribbly? Tiny? Elegant? How does it change for different uses?

Here’s Mine. In case you can’t read my chicken scratching:

(The last part was just an attempt to have a longer sample.)

The rest should theoretically be legible. Well, except the cursive so:

My dad’s writing looks a lot like mine (or vice versa, I suppose), except worse.

Very spaz like. I normally use block letters as I learned how to print in drafting and there is no room for error. Otherwise it’s like a doctor on crack.

Oddly, I was just discussing my terrible handwriting on the family mailing list. I even have pictures! I think we did a similar thread last year or so.

Here is what my handwriting looks like under controlled conditions. I think it’s terrible but I’ve had at least 2 compliments on my cursive. I actually worked pretty hard on it, integrating different styles that fit in (for example, my upper-case “H” is modeled after Sonja Henie’s, and my upper-case "T"s and "F"s were shamelessly cribbed from a 7th grade schoolmate, and I have my Mom’s upper-case “J”. My upper-case “P” is unique, and I get to use it all the time since it’s in my name). It’s still sloppy as all get out, but it’s undeniably my handwriting.

Here’s my practical handwriting, from one of my lecture notebooks. I print faster than I can do cursive. I type much more quickly than either though, so writing is my last resort, unless I’m writing thank-you notes or similar. Those are always hand-written.

oddly, my handwriting looks a bit like the OP’s, though a little smaller and perhaps less legible. My 'a’s tend to look like 'u’s cause I don’t full close them and my 'w’s are often short one side. My 'f’s vary from being curvy to being straight, and when I spell “the” I often just link the ‘h’ into the ‘e’ making the word almost impossible to read.

That’s when I write notes, though. When I write on the blackboard my students are trying to read it so I tend to take my time, write MUCH bigger than I normally would, and actually complete all the letters individually, making them look somewhat legible. I usually have to erase every 5th or 6th letter and write it over again, though, cause my handwriting still sucks

(sorry for no sample, I’m at work

Here is a small sample of mine:


It’s been over thirty years since I used cursive.(High school.)Unreadable even then. Print all the way.

It appears my handwriting and my photography both leave a bit to be desired.


your left handed writing is much more legible…


Mine looks like this.
At least when in uppercase. Upper- and lower? Not as good. (Also not as good when not turned into a font.)

Here’s a page from a first draft of a ghost story I wrote a few years back. I decided to find an existing sample, so you could see my “everyday” for my own future reading printing, rather than my “trying to be neat” so someone else can read it printing. Maybe I can find some of my cursive later.

I’ve long wondered, what makes me dot some Is but not the others? Or write Vs from right to left?

When it comes to backhanded compliments, my writing gets praised like a dog giving a speech would be - no one gives left-handed folks any natural credit for neatness! One of my bosses steals my notes because he can read them :eyeroll:

Unreadable. I gave up writing cursive years ago because no one could read it (even me). I switched to printing, but even that can be tough.

Luckily, I can type pretty well so that works out for me. I rarely write anything.

My handwriting is on the bad side of normal, but not usually illegible. It’s a bit of a jumble, and I can never write in a straight line within a single word, but it works.
Here it is bright and early this morning.

And sixty minutes into the same lecture.

Note the inefficiency of all those printed letterforms. (S’s, I’m looking at you). Note how fast I get fatigued and sloppy. That’s what happens to poor fools like me who decide to print exclusively, then start joining letters up willy-nilly.

Mine is quite similar to wunderkammer’s but smaller and more jammed together. Sometimes, I connect some letters to the point where it looks like a print-cursive hybrid. My real cursive is really bad. My signature is very nice, however, especially my uppercase initials.

My messy handwriting.

I recently started a thread asking about improving my terrible handwriting. Here:

I ended up purchasing the out of print “Please Write: How to Improve Your Handwriting” by Wolf Von Eckardt. So, after a lot of practice, I will ideally have awesome italic script handwriting.

Another person who took Drafting early on, and still uses block letters exclusively. I have to think if I try to write cursive.

Mine is usually horrifying. Sometimes very clear, usually legible, but in general, a train wreck. I always received “U” for “unsatisfactory” in the penmanship section of my report card. Always.

ETA : It’s like torture when I actually have to sign my full name - I never use cursive, and signing my name takes like 10 seconds because I’m so not used to it…


In my grade school it was The Palmer Method and nothing else. We had work books with exercises like filling entire pages with circles and zig zags to train your hand to make the correct movements. I still write in Palmer except for some of the really difficult letters with lots of curly cues like the R and Q, Z and X are pretty bad as well.

(PDF!) Here’s a scan of some math I did during downtime at work. I was trying to keep myself sharp on vector calculus and line integrals.

It’s a bad scan, though… the actual paper looks much nicer in my opinion. :smiley:

I used to have terrible, terrible handwriting as a kid. Throughout my life, I’ve worked very hard on trying to make it nice.

My shopping list handwriting is barely legible, even to myself. My “to the world” handwriting is pretty decent (I have had plenty of jobs filling forms) and my numbers are good enough to make a font and sell it. As I said, I have filled forms for a living for a long time.

I had a special handwriting for my lab notebooks. It looked almost like Arabic with very tall and long lines and tidy circles. Everybody loved it, even if many couldn’t read it.

That one eventually evolved to a very open writing (where a p looks like a ?) which then turned into what I call my shopping list writing.

I simply cannot do cursive (it looks like a plumber who dropped out of 3rd grade 50 years ago) and my block writing tends to be legible but uneven and sloppy.

ETA: Oh, and is it ok to wish death on Mr Palmer outside the Pit? Wasted hours of my finest years.