What's YOUR opinion on Formula One ?

I know a lot of “North Americans” (let’s not rule out the Canucks, eh :wink: ) like auto racing in many forms (NASCAR, Indy-or-whatever-they-call-it-these-days, drag racing, etc.). I also know quite a few US celebtrities like Formula One, e.g. David Letterman, Sly Stallone, Michael Douglas. Here in Europe, F1 is HUGE and widely regarded as ‘superior’ to Indy in terms of skills etc. although the cars look quite similar (there’s a lot of technical differences actually, but let’s not go into that). This view is mainly backed up by former F1 drivers that cross the ocean to drive in the Indy races cometing very well (Mansell, Blundell), whereas former Indy drivers competing in F1 have been total failures lately (Jaques Villeneuve being the only exception, along with Mario Andretti in the 70’s - but that guy’s a racing legend in any league). Names like Michael Andretti and this year, Alex Zanardi spring to mind.
How do you ‘Americans’ (or non-Europeans for that matter) like F1, and how do you regard it on the skills / excitement scale compared to American racing leagues like Indy (I think they call it the CART Series these days) ?

And of course we all know Arie Luyendijk, the Dutchmen who won the Indy 500 twice :wink:

BTW, this is not to start an intercontinental flaming war regarding racing in general, just curious about the popularity of F1 in the America’s.



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Errrrrm let that be DutchmAn regarding Arie, as an Indycar only sports one seat and I’m sure he didn’t bring his wife with him when he won the Indy 500 anyway :wink:


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I’ve been to a couple of races here at our local track (“Spartan Speedway: the track the stars call home”) not F1, just races and have enjoyed them.Liked all the noise.

I DESPISE NASCAR - but that’s just a personal thing with no logical facts to base my predjudice on. All emotion. F1 can only be better.

Cool cars, little action, thickly-accented drivers.

I have been to Montreal to see Canadian Grand Prix…and I am Biased…oh so happily biased about the champions…you see I am Canadian, of Finnish origin…I feel like my driver’s have won two years in a row…soon a third one!!


The problem I have with F1 racing is that there is not enough passing, I think maybe the road courses they run on contribute to that. In contrast NASCAR & CART run on mostly on ovals which lends itself to more side by side racing and more passing.

By the way next year there is going to be a F1 race at Indy, they are building a road course in the infield.

I can see where you guys are heading with the less action & less passing.

Passing on an oval is easier alright, so you’re bound to get more passes for your money. However, since a passing manoeuver is more difficult in F1 (strongly dependant on the circuit raced, BTW, but in general it’s true), it is more impressive when it does happen. Personally, I think these oval races are a bit boring BECAUSE of all the passing.

Moreover because these manoeuvres often occur because of horsepower differences instead of driver craftsmanship. And although F1 cars also have differences in power (a McLaren has about 850 BHP, whereas a Minardi [least powerful] has about 730), a less powerful car CAN take over a more powerful one, if the driver is good enough. Take Michael Schumacher (although he’s injured now), he has been in the ‘slower’ car for three years now, yet managed to pass the more potent McLarens on many an occasion.

Anyway, I know about the 2000 US Grand Prix being held at Indianapolis: is that circuit any good ? The F1 circuit, not the oval of course. Could somebody provide me with a circuit layout ? Thanks :wink:

And, Gypsy: third fellow countryman in a row to become world champion ? Don’t wipe out that Irish Italian Northern Ireland U.K. Driver just yet… and with the current standings, another German’s in the running as well: Heinz-Harald Frentzen.



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  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Watching cars go around a track.

Woo. Yay.

Yer pal,

I love European racing! I watch it on the satellite all the time.

It is lots more exciting than seeing a parade of ads go around a silly little track. I love F1 and FIA Rally cross.
Noting like seeing a road course in the middle old medieval city, or a rally in the snowy Alps.

NASCAR can’t even hold a light to The British Touring Car Series. For those who don’t know, British Touring Car Series is racing between small sedans in 2.0L engines. You see so much action, when they pass, there is always carnage, but these cars are indestructible and keep going.

I’ve seen all kinds of racing, and NASCAR is just 60’s technologies in a shiny new package

First of all any real race fan know that real race cars don’t have fenders.

The problem I have with F1 is the politics. F1 used to run a GP in downtown Detroit but it was replaced with IndyCar a few years later. Complaints about track surface, paddock security and accomodations, mainly. Michael Andretti could have been a contender if F1 but he had a shitty car and very little backing.

I prefer CART because I can go see ‘em at MIS or on Belle Isle. I won’t go to Indy to see F1 because that would be lining Tony Georges’ pockets.

Nigel Mansell did well in IndyCar/CART because 1) He is a very good driver and (2 He had the best car. But the guy is the biggest asshole I have ever met.


Hey, back off! I don’t give you shit about heatherlee.

Formula 1? I prefer the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

One complete set of morals for sale to highest bidder, new in box.

Try this for USGP info. http://www.indyf1.com/circuit.html

One complete set of morals for sale to highest bidder, new in box.

Or try these for discussion:
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Hey! The thread asks a question, I answered it!

Points well taken on all sides.

Remember that FIA doesn’t make it easy to have an event here, it’s probably gonna take a Tony George or a Don Panoz to make that happen again.

To be honest with you, some tracks – probably most tracks in this country – are not suited for these cars; one of my corner worker friends reminds me of the the time he picked up a helmet from out of the catch fencing at Watkins Glen – with the head still in it. (They call it catch fencing for a reason.)

Having worked a couple of IRL events at Atlanta Motor Speedway (with some smaller open wheel classes thrown in as feature races), I have to say I have real concerns about these kinds of cars on these kinds of courses; cars are too powerful and too fast and the margin for error is too great; one bump and you’re toast. Those courses are just not made for open wheel racing; even the smaller F2000 cars had real problems at AMS, both the races I saw were mostly run under yellows.

(That being said, it was not until this summer that I saw a Mercedes that could fly like a rocket and that was on a F1 course, so maybe the cars themselves have more than a little to do with it.)

F1 is not so popular here; it’s seen as elitist and expensive and not worth the time and trouble. (“Buncha damn furriners in itty bitty cars, don’t even have no fenders on 'em.” Though the prospect of F1 cars with fenders terrifies, frankly.)

Americans are gonna have to see Haakinen on a Wheaties box (that’s a popular breakfast cereal over here, Coldfire) or discover Schumacher hawking Pepsi before they get interested.

NASCAR, Indy, hell, small time stock and drag gets more attention because it’s approachable, cheap, fun; there’s some small track of some kind in or near every town. We’re just the kind of folks that love to see cars swap paint.

We are starting to get there, though; the “Petit LeMans” is at Road Atlanta this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Are you going to be at the runoffs at Mid-Ohio next month? I usually crew for a buddy who drives a Formula-Vee, so I’ll be there.

I love the smell of methanol in the morning!

Well, I don’t have a strong opinion on racing of any kind, so I think I can give a fairly level account of the NA opinion of F1. I can’t sit though a race on TV of any kind, unless drunk. I did love going to the local small time stock car oval near me when I was younger. I love cars in general and want to one day rebuild a classic roadster, likely a 60’s American car. There is an idea of my tastes.

First to explain the Cart/Indy (IRL) concept to the furriners who may not be familiar with it. The Indy Racing League (IRL) was the main body of open wheeled oval racing in the states. Due to some polics that I don’t understand (Tony George being an asshole from most peoples opinons) the league split up in Cart and IRL. Cart got most of the top named drivers because they felt jilted and generally thought Indy was wrong. Indy however kept control over most of the big name races and tracks (notably Indy 500). So most people are pretty alienated by open wheeled racing in the states. I don’t see the need to get any deeper in specifics in this thread, and if someone who has a more intimate understanding wants to correct a mistake feel free.

NASCAR is burned out because of the brutal advertising sucking the life out of it. The drivers however are charismatic compared to other sports and therefore have the loyal fans. All other racing is about the event and the race, NASCAR is about individual drivers.

F1 is interesting, but the slower pace and little passing (disregarding any value judgement of which is better or harder) hurt its popularity. The big sell in the US is 200 mph speeds and loud noise. The dynamic crashes are fun too. Crashes in F1 are anticlimatic.

Tour racing is cool just because the cars look exactly like ones you see on the interstate, and mixing classes in the same race is fun. I think tour racing could be very big in the US if the likes of Corvette, Mustang, Camaro, Viper etc. get behind it and race those types of cars.

F1 has a US counterpart within the IRL/Cart circuits I believe. Occasionally they run road races which for all intensive purposes are F1 races.

I do think that all the racing is interesting and have their own place, and that good drivers could likely excel in any other type of racing given the right practice.

I think that in the US however, we like our athletes home grown and down to earth. Simply this is impossible for F1 to inspire. The racing in and of itself is not frowned upon here in the us, and given the right support it could (will) become popular. The drivers however couldn’t become celebrities like NASCAR drivers could.

Two cents from an Indy native.

Omni got it right about the Cart/IRL split… it is a matter of egos between the track owner and the car owners. There is rumor that it will hopefully be settled soon. It has been pretty sad to see the defining race that used to “be” the month of May reduced to an “also ran” for a couple of weekends.

I don’t agree about NASCAR though… it seems to be really gaining speed here (could be a local perception). The drivers seem to be much more approachable and “down to earth.”

It will really be interesting to see how F-1 is received here. I hope it goes well, and I plan to be there to support it.

Many people don’t realize we also have the US Nationals (drag) here. Indy is a great place for motor sports action, so hopefully F-1 will fit in well.

Ahh…I will just stick with Formula 44-D. It seems to be the clear winner in the cough syrup wars. Besides, whoever made it obviously junked formula 1 through formula 44-C

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