What's your opinion on the recent influx of spammers here?

Has anybody here noticed the recent influx of spammers who seem to be trying to start a ‘thing’ by starting different threads that go something like “Can I sue <someone or something> if <something completely unrelated>?” or “Check out this <random thing>” or sometimes random gibberish?

The reason why I am posting this thread in IMHO, is because these spam threads mostly seem to get posted in IMHO.

So, what’s your opinion on the issue then?

I’m wondering what all the recent spam about Johnny Galecki is about. Is someone trying to boost his QR rating?

Beats me. But one has to wonder if any of these spammers have a proper life outside their career of blatant spamming of Straight Dope and possibly man other forums.

The boards show up on google, its free to join, I expect the silliness to grow.

I think that’s the work of another psycho with a celebrity fixation, like the poster we had for a while who could talk about nothing but whether one of the Downton Abbey actresses was secretly pregnant.

Let’s remember that lots of people get new computers in the last week of every year. Every January, the SDMB gets a flurry of newbies, boneheaded questions, and spam. Our duty as members is to alert the moderators by clicking on the red triangle at the top right of a post. Every mod automatically gets notified.

I’m glad I didn’t start that thread about Bigfoot porn now.

We also tend to get lots of spam and lots of trolls during school vacation periods, and I’m hoping many of the recent ones were just college kids looking for “fun” during Christmas break; in which case, it should subside now (or shortly hereafter.)

Which Downton Abbey actress did Johnny Galecki get pregnant?

Those of us who have been around since Cecil graduated from high school do not reminisce fondly on our days at AOL. The boards were almost unusable with all of the spam and utter stupidity from people who got their first-ever computer for Christmas.

In other words - this is nothing. It used to be much worse.

:):):)God Bless You Always:):):slight_smile:

For the life of me I can’t remember exactly what that nutcase actually said, or who her obsession was.