What's your pika craving?

What’s the wierd food/food substitute you crave? I don’t know if this has been covered here (I would imagine so, but a search showed nothing recent), but I’m curious…

While I have no pika cravings, one of my coworkers mentioned that she will let a bar of soap soften, then mush it up, then dip her finger in it to eat it. she also said that occasionally she will dip her finger into powdered laundry soap for the same effect.

So, What’s your pika??

My drinks must crunch. If I don’t have “crunchies” in my beverages they don’t taste as good, aren’t as refreshing, and I feel very put upon.

You may be more familiar with “crunchies” as ice cubes.

What’s a pika?

My pika craves hay and the usual stuff.

More seriously, the disorder pica refers to the desire for and ingestion of non-food items, or of food ingredients in abnormal quantities.

Marley, I’m aware I may be being whooshed, but I figured I’d describe the condition, anyways. If you don’t need the information, I imagine someone who comes into the thread could use it.

And I certainly can use the reminder of the proper spelling for the disorder, vice the critter. :wink:

please forgive my misspelling of the term.

–noun Pathology. an abnormal appetite or craving for substances that are not fit to eat, as chalk or clay, common in malnutrition, pregnancy, etc.