What's your recipe?

How would you describe yourself as a recipe? Are you a dessert, a snack, an entree, a tasty drink? How many ingredients go into your making?

I’ll go first, and I hope to see an entire buffet develop!

Wild Baker Surprise

Crusty on the outside, but warm and soft on the inside.

Have two unbaked pie crusts available. Peel the outside rind off of the Baker (most easily done with several glasses of wine), and take care to remove any bad spots. Place in one pie crust, and cover with the other, sealing edges all around. Brush lightly with an egg wash for a shiny glaze, and bake until crust is lightly browned, and Baker is melted. Remove from oven and serve spread on crackers. More wine makes the WBS even easier to take. An acquired taste, but worth trying, as the dish mirrors the character of it’s namesake.

pinkfreud cocktail:

Soak pinkfreud in tequila and fresh lime juice. Add a splash of grenadine. The natural sweetness of pinkfreud requires no additional flavoring, as long as you use enough tequila. Serves one.

[Note: DO NOT attempt to insert a small paper parasol into pinkfreud.]

Silenus Surprise

Start with fat…lots of fat. No, more than that. Combine with a heaping portion of sarcasm, 3 piles of smart-ass (with extra fat), a smattering of trivia, 4 drops of the Milk of Human Kindness. Cook until the milk has boiled away. Serve half-baked. With ice cream! :smiley:

Box of GS chocolates

…cause you never know what you’re gonna get.

Anastasaeon Cookie

A regular, soft sugar cookie, cut into a heart shape, decorated with pink and white frosting and sprinkled with sugar. Serve warm.

Grilled Sausage Creature
First, you must give The Sausage Creature a dry rub of kosher salt and rosemary to exfoliate it. Then, you must soak The Sausage Creature in a marinade consisting of bitter beer (a substandard beer will ruin your Sausage Creature, so choose wisely), sour lemon, and garlic for a minimum of 4 hours; preferably your Sausage Creature should soak in the beer overnight.

Remove your Sausage Creature and pat dry. Grill over high heat, 3 minutes to a side. Overcooking your Sausage Creature will result in an overly bitter and sour dish. Serve with more beer.