What's your take on Arco gas?

Here in Southern CA, Arco has the cheapest gasoline at 1.99 a gallon. But in my experence, I get worse mileage when I use this gas. Some friends tell me it’s watered down.:confused:
Anyone know the poop on this?

Arco is cheap for a reason mang!

Use Arco exlusivley for 3+ months. You will start to hear strange noises comming form your engine, carburator to be specific, its like a ticking kind of sound.

I feel you on the gas man. But I faithfully stick to 76 currently at $2.09 here in Chatsworth, Ca.

This has been done before.I regularly fill up at Arco.No noises in abt.15 years of driving 3 different cars.I’ve used diferent brands for one reason or another,usually convenience and never noticed any performance differences.And I check my mileage ** every ** time I fill up automatic shutoff to automatic shutoff (at the pump.)

Does Tide clean better than Cheer?Some people swear they do but.like gas,it’s all a nonphosphate based detergent plus like additives,and gas is refined oil,etc.

I had a friend swear he could only run his peoplemover type car (those boxes from the 80s,early 90s on ** premium ** gas.Please, the compression ratio on that little motor scooter engine was probably 7/1.If they made a lower octane than 87 he would have probably been fine.

I know someone who only uses Arco, and she never complains about mileage, and never seems to have mechanical problems. My brands vary for convenience. Costco also sells gas about the same rate as Arco’s. Any problems there?

My Brother says he definitely notices a difference, but he drives a performance car. (2001 Integra type R). I would say i’ve also noticed a difference, but It might just be in my head. I am fairly certain the few times I did fill up on arco I heard pinging from my engine. Needless to say I haven’t used arco is quite a while.

There is next to no difference between brands of gasoline. That tankful you bought at a Chevron station was likely part of the same batch for sale across the street at the Sunny’s Kwik-Mart. And it all may well have come from a Shell refinery.

I’ve heard what Ringo said a lot. I’ve also heard the exact opposite with about the same frequency.

Honestly, I don’t know which to believe.

Search History Channel on the web.One of their Modern Marvels shows was on this very topic-echoing what I and ** Ringo ** said.Snopes may have even done it.

This board is ,hopefully,about fighting ignorance.But as the banner says it sure takes a long time.

Most of the gas in the Pacific NW comes from Arco. Like 90% last I heard. (And having a monopoly is why Oregon gas is so costly.)

There is very little difference in gas coming out of the refineries. After that, “stuff” happens. Esp. in the gas station itself. All sorts of impurities (e.g., water) can enter it at that point. Large scale brand means nothing. But individual gas stations can be selling gas of quite different quality.

I thought there has to be a reason that Arco always has the cheapest gas. They were the last to go over $2.00 a gallon.

When I last used Arco, even though the signs were cheaper - there were always additional fees (there was the check charge, the credit card charge, or the cash charge, the charge to pay at the pump, and the charge to pay at the teller) so by the time you bought the gas, the price was the same or higher than it was at the gas stations that looked more expensive.

Was this just in my area? Or have they changed in recent years.

I’ve never seen that before and I use Arco all the time.

In my area at least, Arco stations do not accept credit cards, which probably helps them keep costs down.

Isn’t ARCO “gasahol”?

I fill up at Arco fairly regularly – there’s a station right across the street from my workplace. Their stations do charge a 35¢ fee for using my debit/credit card, but by the time I fill up my tank, their gas is still cheaper than nearby Shell or 76 or Chevron stations.

That 35¢ charge is the only extra charge I’ve run into, though, and I pay it willingly enough.