What's your take on these prankster parents?

The video:

Warning: It's quite cringeworthy.

My take: The rage shown by the parents was way too intense for it to be funny. They took it way too far. Just listening to the mother dropping f-bombs made me want to confess to the crime. That kind of hollering and yelling wouldn’t have been justified even if the kids had smeared shit on the walls (ok, maybe shit. But not ink.)

Also, Cody is the most intelligent one in the family. He has the makings of a good attorney.

That was supposed to be a prank? looked more like emotional/mental torture to me.

Not funny one bit. The parents knowingly verbally tormented their kids for something they didn’t do.

The sad part is I’ve known parents like that. IRL or the internet, I don’t find it amusing.

I regret having clicked that link and somehow increased these assholes’ view count.

In what universe is that funny? :confused:
ETA: Watching that, I just wanted to find Cody and rescue him from those parents. Ugh.

This reminds me of those people who would film themselves putting their own toddlers in high chairs, and then tipping them over, hoping to get on* America’s Funniest Videos*. AFV finally refused to show babies in high chairs.

Cody is going to have problems trusting people when he’s an adult. Great job, ugly asshole parents.

What’s the number for social services is my reaction. What the serious fuck.

Those parents are tame and controlled, compared to my father. Where is the fist? Where is the belt? Where is holding the kid off the floor and beating the crap out of him? Where is slamming the door until there are cracks in the wall? And it was never a prank.

He used to tell me, “Someday you’ll dance on my grave.” I did, and wasn’t the only one.

Those kids need to be rescued, if it isn’t already too late.

I thought I was being abused as a child, now I find out it was just a prank. :rolleyes: Yeah, no. It was abuse. I can’t watch all of that video, those people are horrid.

I think that’s something my dick of a cousin-in-law’s husband would do to his kids, and is the reason we’re desperately trying to get my cousin-in-law to leave him.

We may be reading about Cody soon involving parental homicide. His attorney will probably use that video in his defense.

I didn’t watch it all; too much loud American hysteria. In the mother’s preamble she suggests that this is one of series of family-oriented shouty videos; is it possible that the kids are told “If we’re filming, it’s all make-believe - just ham it up for the camera.”? Either way it’s pretty vile and moronic.

Watching it without sound is just as cringe-inducing. It made me think of those post-Halloween videos that Jimmy Fallon asks his viewers to send him every year, where the parents tell their kids that they ate all of their Trick-or-Treat candy.

I didn’t watch it, I just clicked through viewing random scenes without sound.

I saw enough to identify the parents as World Class Assholes.

And can we please stop calling everything ‘epic’?

I’ve said it before. It’s ok to prank your kid on a rare basis and vice versa. The Jimmy Kimmel trick-or-treat candy prank was good. It exposed the greed and disrespect in some of the kids, and the sweetness in others. It was short lived and ended with the kid getting his/her candy and realizing there was no reason for their tantrum.

The OP “prank” isn’t funny. It’s mean spirited and terrorizing. It also greatly diminished those parents credibility. They do this shit more than once next time the kid is actually accused of really doing something wrong he might be like “fuck you. Maybe I did it, maybe I didn’t. What difference does it make any more?”


That’s just upsetting to watch. Those poor kids.

The kid previously spilled ink on the floor. This prank tells us exactly how his parents reacted the first time it happened. Screaming, cursing, accusation throwing, shaming despite tears of anguish.

What’s really sad is that the parents clearly think their faked reactions don’t reflect poorly on them, otherwise they wouldn’t have posted this on youtube for all the world to see. So even if the kids were in on it from the start, the fact that this is the reality the parents are proudly holding up as theirs suggests CPS should come a-knocking just to teach them a thing or two.

Perhaps this just my first-time mommy hormones talking, but intentionally trying to make my child cry is about as foreign to me as coprophagia. It is disgusting that some people find humor in this.

I’m not watching the video (no reason to give them views) but the whole bit about exploiting kids’ reactions and emotions is pretty messed up. You don’t even have a full set of emotional tools yet, much less the wisdom and experience to use them but, hey, let’s film you and laugh at it. There was a video a year or so ago that actually made the news of some six year old getting the wrong version of a video game for Christmas and yelling/crying about it. Sure, “that kid is a spoiled jerk!” but more likely “that kid is six and was caught up in the excitement of Christmas morning and something he was really excited about when something went wrong, handled it poorly because he’s six and emotional”. But let’s film him and put it on Twitter to shame him because, fuck you, that’ll teach you to have imperfect control of your nascent emotional states before your first decade of life.

Not that kids can’t be filmed for humorous effect, of course. Go show them marveling over 8-track players or giving cute interviews about what they think taxes are or getting excited to get a new puppy (though I think the “Dad returns home from war” videos are fairly exploitative). Laughing at their more vulnerable states feels messed up, not to mention what’s wrong with the people who film or post it in the first place. I suppose they’re desperate internet attention whores one week removed from buying a weather balloon.

The horrible parents respond.