What's your Winamp skin?

You do use Winamp, don’t you?

I’m using the classic (aka boring) one that comes with Winamp. I’m open for a change, so I’d like to see what the Dopers look at while listening to their tunes. Or at least what they could be looking at if they weren’t too busy posting away at the Boards.

Alright, well, it’s a little silly but it’s easy on the eyes. I use VWBug skin.

My skin is a pic of a brand new 2001 silver Corvette very nice

I am currently using a classic Megaman skin that has the original Nintendo-looking version of Megaman for the FF, Pause, etc buttons. I believe this skin is called “A Tribute to Megaman”.

At home, I use the System Shock 2 lightning blue skin. Sometimes I use the Fallout skin.


I make my own skins, so it varies. Right now it’s a revolving globe with a blue sheen.

I alternate between the “Simpson Wars” and “The Sims” skins.
The Simpsons Wars one has Bart looking very Luke, and his shadow is Homer. The Sims skin is dark blue, and resembles the control panel in The Sims.

Sepish is awesome. Totally my favorite WinAmp skin and it stays on about 65% of the time.

Right now, I’m using SNIPeAMP_SE_. Also very nice, though I’m not a huge fan of orange. However, it fits with what I have on my desktop right now so…

I have the Powerpuff Girls skin. It has Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup flying around over a bright orange background with yellow stars.

Yeah, I know I’m obsessed. :slight_smile:

I use the default skin. I had been using Gecko for a while, but haven’t visited the Winamp page lately to see what’s new.

Umm, no.

What’s a Winamp?

Mac-centric/Mac-ophile here. Am I missing something important?

Or is it just more “free” crap designed to increase the general public’s dependance on MS Windoze?

Winamp is a program to play mp3s, as well as other audio formats. It’s from Nullsoft, not Microsoft, and free. Nullsoft has been aquired by aol, but so far it doesn’t seem to have changed anything.

You can use MacAmp on apple systems (you can probably even use the same skins).

Oh yeah, I just use the default skin.

At work I have ‘Blue Steel’, but I like ‘Fossil’, ‘Fossil Plus’, ‘Linux’, ‘Lunchbox’, ‘Steinamp’ & ‘Vampiria’.
All very clean displays.

And just for fun, try ‘Invisiblamp’.

I think I’m using one of the Fossils at home, I don’t remember.

My Winamp has a custom skin of Aino Minako, aka Sailor Venus from Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon.

Alternatively it has one of Mirai no Trunks from Dragonball Z, and a cool skin called Nemish which looks like a chome trimmed 1970’s type player.

I alternate between the Powerpuff skin already mentioned by Ladybug and another one of Buttercup.

Well, I use Sonique, which (IMHO) is infinitely better, and the skin I use for it looks like a crumple up peice of paper.

Being a huge Garbage fan, I downloaded a bunch of Garbage skins but have only used “msmanson” and haven’t changed it in months. I love Shirley.

Usually I use Simson Wars too - the one with Bart looking like Luke and the Homer shadow.

But I also got a NIN skin, an Aphex Twin skin (James on the stairway of a tubestation), a Limp Bizkit skin and a Cradle skin (the one with her in the bathtub full of blood)


I use it at work so, I have to keep from calling too much attention to it. I use very_tiny. It fits in one of the menu bars and just looks like another part of the current window. True, it’s not cool, it does the job though.

I use FiendAmp vs SpyAmp, which is, IMHO, the best skin, pound per pound. It’s slick, easy on the eyes, and has everything you need.