Whatsomatter with black people part 1,025,002

I’ve recently started rethinking of how I feel when someone starts a thread saying I’m not a racist but… Oh, kinda like this one

You know what? It wouldn’t bother me if you just came right out and said “I don’t like black people” followed by whatever evidence :rolleyes: you feel supports your claim, or none at all. That way I don’t have to counter your loose trail of synaptic misfiring thoughts with facts about how you’re wrong. I don’t care, be the biggest back water, cousin fucking, redneck you can. See, I’ve recently decided to revel in the power granted to me, by nothing of my doing, that gives me so much control of your feelings.

And at least you’d be more honest.

Sincerely yours

resident black guy

PS: For any back water, cousin fucking, non-racist, please discount this post. I fully support the right for you to fuck your cousin or whomever you wish, as long as it’s consensual. :smiley:

Ah Stuffy, don’t worry too much about it. Here at the Dope those types of threads are usually started by some drive-by newbie. I, myself, would rather hear (or read) these rationalizations spoken aloud. All the more better to shine the light of knowledge on them.

Just don’t go and call them racists. That would be wrong.

::jumping off rednecked cousin to look at sdmb::

Hey, wait a minute. Are you poking fun at me? Oh, you’re talking about racist backwater, cousin-fucking rednecks. Okay, carry on.

::jumps back on rednecked cousin::


Boy I hate when I do that. Thanks for the correction.

Why would it be wrong when they areracist. I opened my Kwanazaa thread because I misunderstood the nature of the holiday, but I never generalized about all black people like these newbies have done.

I don’t like black people.

Okay, not true at all. BUT, here is my belief: that everyone is racist at one time or another. Society puts this into us, and it’s almost something we can’t control.
HOWEVER…we can control our actions, and how to change them, and to try and be more understanding.
Did anyone get that, or am I talking out of me arse again?

Well, just today, I was walking through the main office at my college (it was a shortcut to the parking lot). There was a black woman yelling at the woman at the front desk. I was intrigued, so I paused a bit to listen. Apparently, the black woman wanted to add a class (I forget which), but she hadn’t satisfied the prerequisite. But the woman couldn’t realize that… she wound up screaming something about racism and stormed out. It seems that she thinks that she didn’t get the class because she was black.

Oh well.

Does this make me not like black people? Hell no. Has my initial respect for this woman dropped a couple notches? You bet.

Now, about Black History Month… I think some people are a bit too obsessive about it (there was a commercial the other day saying that society couldn’t function without African-Americans, or something), and I think that in an ideal world it wouldn’t be necessary. However, things are hardly ideal, and hey, it’s nifty to hear about this stuff that we normally don’t get.

I think Mr. Twentyeight just got fed up with hearing about this thing so much. I really think the term “racist” gets bandied about too easily.

I think racists are idiots.
I think that Twentyeight is an idiot.

Does it matter whether he fits into that first box or not?

He’s still an idiot.

Yer pal,

SPOOFE Bo Diddly I’ve seen people act like that before, that kinda behavior disgust me as well. However in this instance I think the labels at least nominally justified by the things he said in the second post after apparently ignoring the responses to the first. But because I didn’t know for sure, I didn’t link it and direct him here.
Satan As usual, you’ve stated my case far better than I. Nice to see you posting again.

Satan, you were gone for too long, that’s for sure. ('Sides, it’s nice seeing the Lord of Hell endorsing my artwork in his sig file… :D)

Stuffinb… I agree. While he doesn’t seem like a raving KKK-loony, he can stand to take a bit of a calmer take on things. Maybe he just needs a real deep breath and a stiff drink.

Why are white people so “fed up” with blacks if they aren’t racist? What’s to be fed up with? Fed up with them playing basketball, fed up with them being paid a decent wage, fed up with them creating music (they are responsible for jazz as well as rap you know), fed up them just living aren’t we? Who gives a shit about Black History Month! I don’t give a shit if you don’t like it or think it’s racist. Get a life! Join group therapy or something, you’ve got a serious self image problem if everywhere you look you see this huge, organized Afro conspiracy to take over the world. Believe me real Africans aren’t doing so well with over 35 million of them infected with AIDS. Get over yourself and your lilly white bullshit!

Know what I’m fed up with…this weather, aren’t you guys up North getting just a little bit sick of shoveling snow? I’m fed up with putting the toilet paper on the roll, how hard is that children? I’m fed up with my hair, it’s turning gray fast and I’m not ready for that. I’m fed up with people who don’t know how to make a left hand turn? I’m fed up with commercials, I can’t find shit worth listening too on the radio anymore.

And I’m fed up with signing onto this board and seeing another “Blah, blah, blah is racist thread”. Go find the “White is Right Board” and post there.


I’m actually surprised in the past week at the amount of race related threads that are popping up, my favorite being:


in which the author is pleasantly surprised to find that he enjoys Mexicans :rolleyes:

Twentyeight not only hates Black History Month, he also seems a little ticked that those zany jewish people are still harping about that ancient holocaust thing :rolleyes:


and my final favorite is White Male In the HOOD, who assures that it’s OK for white folks and black folks to date and actually thinks that it’s a Great Debate. (I can’t roll my eyes again, they hurt)


Is it the tides or something?


“Afro Conspiracy” would be a good name for a funk band. They would, of course, all have to sport afros.

I credit most of the irritating “[insert any holiday emphasizing a non-European culture] is RACIST” threads I’ve seen to Inflammatory Newbie Syndrome (INS).

We newbies hang around the boards for a while, until we notice that no one is posting to the “so I got my teeth cleaned” threads that we start. The only way we’re going to get any attention is to start a thought-provoking thread with an eye-catching title, one that offers a completely new perspective on social issues. For example, to most of us, the thought of a minority being racist is an unthinkable contradiction, which is why the “Black People are RACIST” threads are so fascinating. Once we do this, suddenly everyone is reading our threads, and starting up related new ones in other forums. We are finally accepted, even if it is only as irritating fools.