WHDH Boston (NBC chan 7) NASCAR coverage

Thanks to the WHDH programming staff for cutting off the coverage following the finish of the NASCAR race yesterday. Though we got to see who the winner was, we got to miss all of the post race coverage, along with the interviews, and the final finishing order… all to see that the Red Sox had won a berth in the playoffs.

Like we couldn’t have waited the 10 minutes that the post race coverage takes.

All this after 40 of the last 60 laps of racing was visualized by a test screen with the race coverage audio (don’t know if this was an NBC issue, or a WHDH issue).

The Sox won, great. The interviews happened, great. They would have been just as good 10 minutes later. NASCAR is in it’s playoffs too, with a highly contested top 8 or so. Big changes in the standings, all missed by those of us interested in NASCAR, who were WATCHING NASCAR. If we were all that interested in the Sox (red) we would have been watching the channel that had COVERED THAT GAME!!!

I’ve complained to the station, but we all know what good that will do.


Someone in Boston watches NASCAR. Who knew?

Sometimes they listen.

Around 25 years ago, channel 38 had a show called Ask the Manager, where viewers could write letters and the station manager would respond to them on the air. He got a bunch of angry letters demanding that The Twilight Zone (on at 11) not be preempted because of Sox extra innings. And channel 38 listened!

You’re going to tell me that they showed the episode after the game, right? Not that they cut away from the game to show the episode, right? Right?

Don’t laugh. It’s big time in New England. Their signal covers much of the fan base for the 2, count 'em, 2 NASCAR races each year at Loudon, NH.

There are NASCAR fans in New England, the 2 races (of 36) are sold out nearly a year in advance.

I know I can catch the final results, and the interviews (alternate ones anyway) on the cable channels following the race (Sunday PM, and Inside Nextel Cup on Monday {changes to INC are another pitworthy topic} along with internet coverage) but I shouldn’t have to.

tdn… perhaps… but since it’s such a Boston centric station, it’s unlikely that I’ll even get a reply. We’ll see when I get home (can’t check the home e-mail from work… yet another pitworthy topic)

Just plain not right.

Wrong. Wrong.

'Course, that was back when that station was not yet a WB affiliate, and the Sox were hardly worth watching anyway.

I’m not betting that you’ll be successful in getting them to change programming policy, but I think they listen to everyone in their viewing area, and that includes those of you from the “Die or don’t pay rent” state.

Not be contrary but I never thought anyone cared about those stupid wrap-ups in any sports. “Ok, now were going down to the field to talk some guy”, “great game some guy, how did you do it?” “Well, we won, we just kept on doing what we do and we won” blah blah blah.

Sometimes they preempt good shows for this crap and that annoys me more. But, it was good to see that someone gives two shits about these post-event wrap ups. I always thought they were the Networks way of screwing us :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah - by running MAS*H reruns all day, every day, whenever the Sox weren’t on.

I was a little dissappointed they didn’t get an interview with Kyle Petty. Dude had nothing to gain but still drove his mangled car sideways to the start/finish line to avoid the DNF. Then tried doing a donut when he did it! :smiley:

I think our local FOX affiliate cut away from the NY Giants game to shove the Iggles down our throats once again. This may be an NFL issue, it may be FOX, but once they show 3+ quarters of a game, they should finish it off before going to the “regional” game. Plenty of Giants fans in Scranton, too, fellas.

It’s for the same sort of folks that watch 3+ hours of pre-race coverage for a 3 hour race event. Granted, many may turn the channel once the race is over, but in this case, not only did we not see the interviews, but we never got the finishing order… Piss poor IMO.

I was going to start a thread about this.

Not only did they kill the coverage pretty much as soon as the winner was confirmed, they cut away twice during the middle of the race to tell me about how the Red Sox did whatever the hell they did. The first time was tolerable, because it only lasted a minute. But the second, it was a solid five minutes before they went back to the race.

Well, I got back the standard form letter. “thank you for your response, management will look at your comments”


Absolute, did you have any problems with the video? (vertical color bars for 30-40 laps, during the green flag pitstop portion towards the end) I’m a Dish Network customer, and wonder if it was the satellite, the station, or the network.

No, mine was fine. I was watching over MIT cable.

Hmm… must have been a very odd Dish Network issue. I had audio, but lost the video for a large portion of the race. It had the station ID on top of the test bars, so I figured it was a station problem…

Channel 7 still sucks though. They should go back to the tabloid CBS affiliate they used to be.

Yeah, that was my take as well.

I’m a huge sports fan, but once the game’s over, i’m channel surfing. In many years, living in multiple countries and following heaps of different sports, i don’t think i’ve ever seen an interesting or worthwhile post-game interview or wrap-up.

For the traditional “team sports”, I agree. Once it’s over, I’m gone.

IMO NASCAR is completely different, and the drivers/crew chief interviews are more than “We tried hard, I thank God for my skills, 105%, blah blah blah.”

It’s still part of the show, and should be aired, even if YOU decide to switch channels.

YMMV (literally! :smiley: )

I agree, it was great to see DJ being interviewed after the race. I would have been pissed if they cut away here. Immediate post race interviews are often great because the drivers are still caught up in the heat of the moment, and cooler heads have not yet prevailed (I’m looking at you, Robbie Gordon).

I hate when they cut to commercial during the winners burn out / donut. Wait 10 freakin’ seconds, could 'ya?