Wheelchair zombies

If you are crippled and in a wheelchair and are bitten by a zombie, can you walk or are you a roller-zombie?


And you get stuck on the crappy sidewalks around here.

You’d stay crippled. You could drag yourself along on the ground by your arms, though.

This possibly.

Let’s be honest, if Zombies can pick clean an abled body person. There’d be NOTHING left if a group of zombies got you and you were in a wheel chair. Meal on wheels. :smiley:

On the other hand, according to Start of Darkness, if you’re turned into a zombie by a necromancer you will get up and walk. (As soon-to-be Xykon puts it, “Zombification. The cure for what ails you.”)

You will be able to walk so long as the problem is only neurological. Zombie virus replaces the dead person’s nervous system function.

Pretty much it would depend on the style of zombie. The type of zombie raising that reassembles zombies from scattered bones and grave dirt would presumably fix a damaged spine in the process.

Are disabled people cool with the term “cripple”? Because I think saying that is a gaucherie these days.

I am not, myself, handicapped. Nor do I necessarily speak for anybody else.

Plenty of AHEM Differently-Abled zombies are often seen crawling about. I assume someone with mobility issues would merely be a Crawling Zombie.

Crawling Zombies can enjoy a fulfilling career grabbing the ankles of victims and appearing in areas unexpectantly, such as laundry chutes, elevator shafts, and flailing helplessly at the bottom of wheelchair inacessable facilities.

I don’t give a s–t what you call me as long as it’s not vulgar or teasing (and yes, I am one). A rose by any other name…

Dead Set provides all the precedent needed for wheel chair bound zombies.

I think calling someone “a cripple” is crass, but describing something as crippled, such as limbs or vehicles, seems a straightforward use of a term.

I tend to call myself a gimp. Cripple is too close to Crip.

What about if your depressed, or bipolar? Would you be a depressed or bipolar zombie? I wonder what an ADHD zombie would do?

Wht if you’re a zombie with constipation? Would you stagger about moaning, “Braaaaaanssss?”