wheelchairing down the street

If a street has no sidewalk or shoulder, can I leagally take a wheelchair on it, or is it a traffic hazard?

Off-hand I’d say it’s fine but your local police can give you the best answer. You might want to get one of those triangular orange ‘slow-moving-vehicle’ signs more as a safety measure than out of any legal requirement.

I’m pretty sure a person in a wheelchair is legally a pedestrian, and is allowed anywhere a pedestrian is allowed.

If you’re traveling down a road and there’s no sidewalk or shoulder, you should be on the side facing oncoming traffic. If there is a sidewalk or shoulder and you’re in the traveled way, I do believe it’s illegal.

If there’s no pedestrian path, I’d think long and hard about even being there. How do you plan to escape from a car’s path if you’re in the traveled way and there’s nowhere to go? Given how much lower a wheelchair is vs the height of a walking person’s head, I’d say you’re much more likely to get nailed by a car.