When a major asshole runs your homeowners' association

Some people just shouldn’t have any power at all:

OK, so LT. Jensen, an involuntarily mobilized reservist, rented his house but had to leave it and his family before getting any landscaping done. Now is the time for Chick Edwards, the owner and head of the homeowners’ association, to step up and be a man. (Yes, he is apparently a man. Mothers, don’t let your sons grow up named Chick.) Now is the time for him to quietly ignore the more onerous clauses of the agreement, or perhaps enforce them against the deadbeat contractors:

But no. Chick has to be a raging, flaming asshole. He has to be in charge:

My god, what a dumbass little pissant whiner. The house isn’t even occupied (Jensen’s wife and young son went back east so his wife could have another kid there instead of doing it alone) and the renter is overseas in the military. He should show some brains and shut his festering whinehole.

Four words:
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act