When are latex gloves reusable?

When I make my bi-weekly grocery run, I use disposable gloves – a new pair for each store I stop at. I put the used gloves in a plastic bag in my car.

We’re starting to get short of gloves. Given that it’s two weeks since last use, would any virus on the gloves now be dead so that the gloves are reusable?

Certainly the virus would be dead in two weeks.


Thanks! That’s what I thought. I’ll start reusing them.

I wash my latexed gloved hands. Does that help? Then I dry the gloves.

Latex and nitrile are not degraded by bleach. I’d wash them in dilute bleach while wearing them, just like if you were washing your hands, but for longer and more thoroughly. Then rinse the bleach off before drying them. Or just wash them thoroughly in regular soap and water as Dummy suggests.