When bashing in skulls, which end of the flashlight should I use?

I just bought myself a Mag-lite, mostly for helping me at work, but partly for self defense.
So, if I should need to crack some skulls, which end of the light should I use? The bell shaped light end, or the round battery end?

You’re asking for advice on the best way to commit a felony?

I think a tazer or stun-gun would be a less violent way of self-defense.

Depends on the situation. Ideally, you hold the mag lite up by the light end with your arm raised as if tossing a spear. You can blind your opponent with the light and then whip it forward so you whack 'em over the head (collarbone or wrist) with an arcing downstoke. Follow the motion down, and then reverse back up for a groin or knee shot.

Practice your swing…

Dear Mag Instrument Company:

I have a question which does not seem to be covered in any of your FAQ’s or product brochures…

Since when is self defense a felony? There are plenty of times when stopping someone using a flashlight is legal.

What is a felony, in some states, is civilian possesion of a tazer or stun gun. Here in Wisconsin you’ll end up in a world of shit if caught with one. It’s legal to carry a flashlight in all situations.

Maud’Dib, in a self defense situation, use the battery end and thump in with all your might into the assailants solar plexis. Then, with both hands on the light, do a “J” hook, smashing the battery end up under their nose. Do both of these moves quickly, and as hard as you can. Also, verbalize, LOUDLY: STOP! DOWN! After the “J” hook you arms and the light should be raised up over you head. If the bad guy is still standing, come back down with the light smashing him down on the bridge of the nose. Then repeat: solar plexis, up under the nose, down onto the nose. When the assailant drops (he will:D) stop your use of force or you will have crossed the line of self defense. These moves work, and work faster and better than trying to just clobber someone over the head with the light.

I stand corrected. I did not realize that certain states had laws against the civilian use of stun guns.

I guess I was just thrown by the wording of the title question. Something about the phrase “bashing in skulls” just sounds non-defensive to me. :slight_smile:

That said, I agree with you on the use of the battery end. More weight there.

I guess I was just thrown by the wording of the title question. Something about the phrase “bashing in skulls” just sounds non-defensive to me. :)**

“bashing in skulls” does sound kind of evil. Let’s say you had to defend yourself with a firearm. “blowing someones fuc*ing head off” can be 100% self defense, but that’s not the words I would use to the district attorney.:stuck_out_tongue:

PKbites - yep, that works well too. It is faster.

What perhaps I didn’t make clear is that at times when you are not instigating an incident. Say, there is someone in your yard and you want to confront them. Again, you can turn the flashlight on, shine it in their eyes to identify and “blind” them or at least ruin the night sight, and be in a position to strike should it become necessary.

In my ahem youth, I had a few confrontations with police officers. This is the way they used their mag lites. Of course, usually their partner had just racked a shell into a shotgun as well…

As a former rent-a-cop who used to work in security in bars(and someone who has used maglites in this maner), I was given extensive training in Mag-Lite Kata. Pretty much it was, IIRC “Don’t hit them with the bell end, you’ll break the bulb”. That said, The bell end is not nearly as strong as the other end, and having the bell on the other gives you something to catch your hand on so it doesnt go winging across the bar and hit some innocent civilian.

In all seriousness, I would advise against head shots. For one, they bleed too much, and two, if your not carefull you can kill someone with a maglite that way. Our SOP, if for some reason we couldnt use OC gas(or just didnt want to), was to shine the light in thier eyes,with the rest of the maglite going over the shoulder. If things got ugly, bring the mag lite straight down across the collar bone, preferably the right, if they were right handed. Follow this with a shot to just above the knee, if neccesary(preferably to the oposite knee from the collar bone you just snapped), then a straight jab to the solar plexas if they are still on their feet. If after that, they are still fighting…Your screwed.

We were asked by the local deputys to please not hit them in the head anymore, do to excessive bleeding, and the deputys having to take them to county hospital before jail. They requested that we break thier collar bones instead, as this than would ignore and just throw them into the drunk tank broken. Never mess with the Tarrant County Deputys…They are mean.

BTW, Mag inc. advises against striking people with thier product. Apparently they didnt have that in mind when they made them, at least according to thier legal dept.

But Mag-Lite bash good!