When can I get my AIM name back?

So my family originally had AOL and I had my screen name and all was well. Then just over a year ago we cancelled AOL and I lost my screen name. I figured I’d be able to snag it back through AIM within 6 months or so but the system said it was still in use. Here I sit just over a year later and it’s telling me the same thing. Does anyone know how long AOL locks these things up for or if theres any way for me to get my screen name back? Thanks in advance!

You already have the same name. Sign in to AIM with an existing account (not a NEW account) and use your old name and password. I had AOL years ago (I’m embarassed to admit), canceled it, and around two years later I downloaded AIM and did the same thing. As far as I know, the account name is never actually unfrozen for someone else to use as a new account.

What CanTak3 said. You can try to sign into AIM using old username + old password, but if that doesn’t work, to the best of my knowledge there’s no way to get it again, although I suppose you could harass the tech-support people and see what happens.

Hmm, glad to hear this. At least a year, but I just tried, and I can now reconnect to AIM with my old AOL account. It’s been somewhere between one to two years since I cancelled my account, and AIM definitely wouldn’t let me connect with it immediately after my account ran out.