When celebrities pompously think they can sing on TV, couldn't you just . . . .

. . . . SLAP THEM UPSIDE THEIR STUPID HEADS? Here’s your chance:


(don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the website and slap some other well-deserving individuals)

Shatner has been thinking he can sing for quite awhile now; he and Leonard Nimoy released an album together in the late '60s.

Kathie Lee Gifford has to be the worst one to come out lately. She should not be allowed to sing. If you haven’t heard her you are not missing anything.

I think Kathie Lee started out as a singer! If I recall, she was the singer on a version of Name That Tune in the 70s. Maybe Ron Ely was the host (Tarzan!). How’s that for bizarre.

Kathie Lee Gifford singing? Get out a very large spoon to gag me with. Unfortunately, she’s not on the website I posted.

:: handing Pugluvr a spoon ::

**Gifford also performed the national anthem at the
1995 Superbowl and has recorded several albums,
including a collection of standards, Sentimental, and a
holiday classic, It’s Christmastime.

In 1977, Gifford became the featured singer on the
game show Name That Tune, and later was a costar in
the musical situation comedy Hee Haw Honeys, a
spinoff of Hee Haw.**

I glean this knowledge here.