When celebs endorce a product, can they backout of the contract if the product fails to perform?

When celebs endorse a product or service, there is typically a morality clause in the contract where the company can terminate the relationship if the celeb acts in a way which would portray the product in a poor light. Is there a similar clause in the reverse sense where a celeb can terminate the contract if the company or their product fails in a way that would portray the celeb in a poor light?

Recently, there is an issue with the Honest Sunscreen where people say it doesn’t work and actually gives you a worse sunburn than if you used nothing at all. Jessica Alba is the product spokesperson and she’s now having to defend the product. Is there typically something in her contract which would allow her to walk away because of this?

It’s her company.

I didn’t realize it was her company, but this incident made me wonder about these types situations in general.