When corn comes out "like that". Mild TMI

Super duper “DUH” question.

Yet I could swear I’ve asked this question before, but I cannot remember the answer nor find the thread in the SDMB’s top of the line search feature.

When one eats corn and it…uh…“comes out like that”, does that mean your body hasn’t absorbed any calories or nutrients from said corn?

No. All you are seeing is the seed coat, which is made mostly out of indigestible material. The nutritious part inside has been digested and absorbed.

The bits that come out unused, were indeed unused. This is not to say it was all unused. Chewing one’s food helps.

This. And the distasteful inference that must be drawn from that fact, and the fact that they apparently retain the size and shape of normal corn kernels, is that these seed coats are now little individual sacs of crap.

[del]Chew on that![/del] Nice thought, isn’t it?

Without corn, I think most of us would have no clue how fast or slow our bowels are.

Corn. The bowel speedometer.

I had started this thread because of the following story. LSLGuy posted "Without corn, I think most of us would have no clue how fast or slow our bowels are. Corn. The bowel speedometer. " which is why I decided to explain the entire thing, though unpleasant:

On Tuesday I ate a large bowl of corn. Nothing on it except a little salt and pepper. I hadn’t eaten any corn for at least a month.

On Wednesday I had a normal bowel movement.

On Thursday I had a normal bowel movement.
On Friday I had 2 bowel movements.

Yesterday (Saturday) I had a normal bowel movement… and there was corn in it!!:eek:WTF!?! Where the hell was this corn all the while?:confused:

Yeah? Please explain this

Slowly making its way from point A to point B.

Everything else already in transit had to move along in the mean time.

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According to Alton Brown’s nutritional anthropologist, while you do get some nutrition out of corn, you get a lot more with nixtamalization. The reason it came up was that, while the American natives knew how to do this, the Europeans they gave the corn to did not, and it apparently caused malnutrition.

Cecil or one of the staff did an article on this, but I can’t find it. Anyone else?

Well, this is certainly TMI… but last summer when I did the prep for a colonoscopy, I happened to glance in the bowl at one point and what went through my mind was “huh? when did I eat anything that looked like THAT??”. Whatever it was, the most recent time I could think of having eaten anything similar would have been about 4 days before.

However, when eating corn… well, sometimes there’s evidence of it within about 18 hours.

All I can think is, sometimes the food sticks around and churns for a bit before heading the rest of the way south.

Oh… and more on the colonoscopy prep: by the end of the first session (the evening before), it was clear (heh) that there was NOTHING left in the digestive canal. Yet, when I did round 2… there was more sludge. Where the hell did THAT come from??

The colon secretes mucus and constantly changes over its own lining, so that’s one possibility. Even people ostomies sometimes have a little brownish sludge come out even though point A and point B are complete dis-connected.

I, for one, appreciate the visual verification of bowel timeliness.