when did bambi become a girl's name?

In the Disney movie “Bambi”, the title character is male. He is, in fact, referred to as “The young Prince” several times throughout the movie. My question is: When did Bambi come into usage as a girl’s name? The earliest instance I can think of is an episode of welcome back, Kotter where a female character with that name was introduced.
Any thoughts?

Chris W

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I swear I thought Bambi was a girl until he/she grew antlers at the end of “Bambi”.

You have a good point, i’ve never heard of any guys name Bambi

I would imagine that “Bambi” as the male buck’s name is derived, in the late 1930s, from “Bambino,” an Italian word for baby, which was recently used as the nickname for the Greatest Baseball Player Ever, who most definitely was male.

. . . except that Bambi was originally written in German and published in 1923.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Lance Alworth was nicknamed “Bambi”.

I didn’t know Willy Mays was nicked named Bambino. I always thought he was the Say Hey Kid. OK, I know who you are referring to but you say “recently used as a nickname”. Hasn’t that been around for a while. Maybe Paul O’Neill should just be called Baby.

Sorry, just felt like adding that in.