When did different US states criminalize purchase of sex?

Does anyone have any info?
Sweden – 1999
South Korea – 2004
Norway – 2009
Iceland – 2009
North Ireland – 2014
Canada – 2014
France – 2016

In Florida, prostitution was not illegal per se until 1943, but in 1868 the legislature passed an act criminalizing “houses of ill repute” and both madams and hookers were typically charged under that statute. See State v. Warren, 558 So.2d 55 (1990).

You’ll find it quite difficult to find firm dates for most states, because sex crimes have typically been similarly haphazardly regulated.

Thanks – do you know when did different states pass statutes criminalizing the purchase?

Ah - you mean as opposed to the sale. In Florida, both have been illegal since 1943, as the legislature (somewhat unusually) defined prostitution as “the giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity for hire.”

Thank you very much. Where can I get info on all states (except of course Nevada).

This might be of interest: Prostitution in the United States - Wikipedia

No dates given there.

For what it’s worth, it’s illegal in most of Nevada, too, including the most heavily-populated regions. There are no legal prostitutes in Vegas or Reno.

I believe the most recent state to make it illegal (buying and selling) was RI in 2009.

Sure there are, they just have to drive over a county to go to work.

It’s always been a free choice by the county government, so 2 additional counties (and the capital, which isn’t in a county) have made it illegal (I believe that in Clark and Washoe they can’t make it legal under current law even if they wanted to). 3 or so other counties don’t currently have ones so it is de facto not legal.

I know New York City has long had such laws (I have vague memories of old movies where there were scenes about the Vice Squad catching Johns). Here is the law:

Perhaps someone can find the date.

Thanks – NY had such law by 1961.